CSI: NY quotes

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Danny Messer: [after finding a key piece of evidence in the garbage] Next time I say a case is in the garbage, remind me of this moment?

Danny Messer: [after matching up tear marks on a bag] This case is in the bag.

Danny Messer: [pacing around the floor while Mac is working with the DNA machine] Steady... steady is uh... good... great!

Danny Messer: Most feared man in New York dies from fear of his own wife.
Aiden Burn: And she was the only one that loved him.

Danny: [to Tom Zito] I guess that dent in your head only affects the things you WANT to forget.

Danny: Criminals are like animals. They leave tracks, we follow them.

Danny: Get that to Jane Parsons in DNA.
Aiden: Okay
Danny: [cracks whip] NOW!

Danny: Good morning, dear.
Stella: Do I have a tail back there?
Danny: Sorry. Good morning, Stella.
Stella: Better.

Danny: How's it going with the gypsy cab driver? Did you bring him back to life so he can just tells us who killed him?
Hawkes: I haven't attended that seminar yet.

Danny: I don't know how these guys work down here.
Mac: The same way we're going to. Rock by rock.

Danny: Maybe she was a hitchhiker.
Aiden: Who hitchhikes nude?

Danny: No pictures, no personal effects, not a partial, nothing. What's this guy live in, gloves?
Aiden: (shining blacklight on a sheet with semen traces) I'm gettin' all kinds of love over here.
Danny: I think he got tipped off.
Aiden: I think he got off.

Danny: So this is where it all goes down.
Aiden: Or up. Make sure you keep your gloves on.
Danny: You know, I didn't think it would be this clean.
Aiden: Come on. Act like you've never been to a place like this before.
Danny: You kidding me? I've got girlfriends for that. Why would I pay?
Aiden: All right, you. You're paying one way or another,..trust me.

Danny: This guy's shot in the head, carries someone else upstairs, and manages to call the cops?
[flashback with Terrel dragging the body]
Aiden: I'd say that qualifies for hero status.

Danny: With all this cash lying around, you'd think a guy could afford new rounds.
Mac: With all the evidence we've collected, you'd think we could find Charles Langdon.