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Adam Ross: (answering phone) Adam Ross.
Lindsay Monroe: Hi. I'm calling from the office of unemployment.
Adam Ross: Oh, Lindsay, hey.
Lindsay Monroe: Word is that Denny's is looking to hire some socially-awkward scientists.
Adam Ross: I'm...I'm halfway there already, okay?
Lindsay Monroe: It's a big case, Adam, it's the Statue of Liberty, it's all over the news. We've got lot to do. This is top priority and Mac is back in town. Get your sorry little ass to work.

Adam Ross: (Fighting warriors in Second Life) Who's your daddy?

Adam Ross: Double-click on that template. Now, male or female?
(Mac Taylor looks at him, eyebrows raised)
Adam Ross: This is fantasy, be all you can be!

Adam Ross: That's how I roll. What up?!

Adam: (holding a magnifying glass to some burnt paper) Is this real? You think someone's in trouble?
Stella: I don't know, Adam. You know, I found these in my apartment after the fire. Now, the edges are singed and the paper's burned, so clearly they were in the apartment before the fire started.
Adam: And you don't recognize the writing.
Stella: No.
Adam: Maybe it's from a friend?
Stella: Oh, and this friend wrote me a note that said, Help me?
Adam: Uh, maybe you're a bad cook.

Adam: (showing Mac how to use Second Life) Boss, if you go in-world looking like Joe Boring you're gonna get flagged as a newbie. Let me get in here real quick. Check this out. Hip do, a little custom skin. Cool coat. All right. Check it out. Now you're ready to roll in-world.

Adam: (walks into the room to see Danny smiling) What are you so happy about?
Danny: I figured out what killed my groom.
Adam: Was it the mother-in-law?
Danny: Hahaha, no! It was a missing wedding gift.

Adam: Kendall! Hey..uh..wake up..uh, we're late for work. We gotta, we gotta get up, we're late for work.
Kendall: (waking to see they are both in their underwear) Did we?...We didn't...?
Adam: Oh! No, no, no. I mean, I...uh..I wish it was yes, yes, yes but sadly, no.
Kendall: (rolling over) Okay. Hmmm, ten more minutes.
Adam Ross: No, no, no. No more minutes. Okay, come on, let's go. Up, up. Yes, let's go. Ooh. (pulling her from the couch) Must fight crime.

Amber Stanton: (during her interrogation) Whenever I see a useless piece of human trash walk away without consequence, I feel violated again... Bentley was smiling... Kaplan was going about his life as if nothing had happened...
Mac: So you became a predator? A killer?
Amber Stanton: I think of myself as an arbiter of justice.

Angell: (strapping on a kevlar vest, sees Flack staring at her) ...What?
Flack: (gruffly) You look good in a vest.
Angell: (laughs)

Angell: Hey. I thought you were off today.
Flack: Yeah, something came up with Danny. It - (looks up, seeing other Detectives nearby) It's a long story. How 'bout I tell you later over an Irish coffee?
Angell: I think I know just the place...

Brett Dunbar: I don't believe it. You've got a man on the inside.
Stella Bonasera: Mac Taylor. It was one of the gunman's demands. Mac went in through the back door so the press wouldn't see, and in exchange he was able to negotiate the release of one of the hostages.
Brett: And you're worried about him.
Stella: I'm worried sick. Look, Brett, I need your help. No one knows weapons like you do.
Brett: So you've got a victim with one entry wound but with two bullet wounds inside of him.
Stella: Yeah. Basically I'm looking for the impossible.
Brett: A murder weapon that kind fire two rounds near instantaneously without any recoil.
Stella: Don't tease me.
Brett Dunbar: Follow me. (leads her into an arms room and hands her a weapon)
Stella: (fires two shots)
Brett Dunbar: It's called the Kriss Super V, .45 caliber. Every time you fire, the recoil energy produced is vectored downward into a spring-loaded receiver instead of backward into the shooter's body.
Stella: Takes the kick right out of kickback.
Brett Dunbar: Hmm. End result? Highly accurate shot each time this bad boy's fired.
Stella: So how did our gunman get his hands on this kind of cutting-edge technology?

Bryce Aldicott/Mad Hatter: Look, it's all kept under the radar. Invites are small. We each get a book with text numbers. Tell us when and where we're supposed to be. And the party begins. And Foxy, man, makes the game real. Turns Manhattan into Neverland.
Danny Messer: Except nobody dies in Neverland

Bryce Aldicott/Mad Hatter: This party is invitation only.
Danny Messer: (holding up his police badge) I left mine at home.

Cabbie Killer: The newly dead who have coins to pay for the ride must be taken across the river or they'll wander the banks for a hundred years.
Reed: (nervous) Okay. Do you want me to, do you want me to write that? Is that what you want me to say?
Cabbie Killer: No! Don't you see? They think I'm insane. They call me the Cabbie Killer. Use your words. Let them see me deliver the message, to the doomed. Make them understand.
Reed: You gonna kill me?
Cabbie Killer: Only those who have the golden branch can cross the river while still alive and return to this world. Type! Now