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Adam Ross: (About 9/11) I was asleep. You know, I went out the night before with a couple of my buddies, and we had a few too many drinks, and I didn't wake up till after 2:00. And by then, the entire world had changed. The next morning, I got up at 5:00 a.m., and I went down there, and... I stood behind a barricade with these construction workers for, like, 12 hours, you know, until they opened it up and let us clean up the debris.
Lindsay Monroe: So you joined the bucket brigade?
Adam Ross: Yeah.
Lindsay Monroe: Me too.
Adam Ross: I thought you were in Montana.
Lindsay Monroe: I was when it happened. I watched the whole thing on TV, feeling totally useless, and like I wanted to help, but they weren't letting planes in, obviously. And then I heard that trucks from all over the country were going to New York. So, I jumped on a local fire truck, and I got here a few days after. We might have been on the same line, never even knew it.

Adam Ross: (About Mac's belongings) I call dibs on the Reagan photo if he doesn't come pick up his stuff soon.

Adam Ross: (Imitating Jo) Well, uh, I'm just... so sorry, sir, you're just not the man who replaces Mac Taylor at the head of this crime lab. Yeah, not with that pocket protector and those silly Pee Wee Herman-looking glasses.
Adam Ross: (Imitating the man) Uh, but, um, then why did Chief Sinclair want to interview me and have you show me around the lab?
Adam Ross: (Imitating Jo) Well, that's probably because he's just got to make believe that Mac Taylor's never coming back. He doesn't even know the difference between a GCMS and a scanning electron microscope. Well, I'll tell you what, sweet thing, okay? I'm gonna introduce you to a bunch of people that you're never gonna be supervising...
Lindsay Monroe: There's something seriously wrong with you.
Adam Ross: (Gasps) Awkward. How long were you there?
Lindsay Monroe: Pretty much the whole time

Adam Ross: Can I tell you something?
Lindsay Monroe: Sure. What's up?
Adam Ross: I slept through it.
Lindsay Monroe: Through what?
Adam Ross: 9/11. I've actually never told anybody that before. Just... too embarrassed, you know? And everyone always asks me, you know: "Where were you?" And... I would lie.

Adam Ross: I need your signature on this, boss.
Jo Danville: I told you not to call me that.
Adam Ross: Well, whose signature do I need at the bottom of this report?
Jo Danville: Mine.
Adam Ross: Then you're the boss.
Jo Danville: Interim boss.
Adam Ross: I'm not gonna call you interim boss.
Jo Danville: Well, that's what I am, at least until Sinclair fills Mac's position.

Adam Ross: When you're the man and you see that the interim boss is not happy with that answer, you dig a little deeper.
(Jo smiles amused)
(After arresting some perps by tracing a cell phone)

Adam: (Arriving at a crime scene in Central Park) Wow. This looks like a postcard... I mean, except for the dead body, of course.

Adam: Are the other lab techs still being questioned? It just seems, you know, we've decided guilt by job description, and Harlan seems like our primary suspect.
Mac: You think he did it, Adam?
Adam: Uh, no.
Mac: Do you know who did?
Adam: No.
Mac: We have a responsibility to Jessica Drake. Someone in this lab thinks they have the advantage. If it's Harlan, we'll prove it; if it's not... then we continue to do our job. There's an unspoken rule of trust within these walls. That gets broken... it's inexcusable.

Adam: It's probably not premeditated, right? I mean, it'd be strange if someone planned to kill her with a rock.
Flack: You never know. Perp might have been following her. Could have snuck up behind her and, bang, lights out.
Lindsay: The result of a heated argument.
Adam: Unsatisfied customer (Lindsay gives him a look) What? She's a call girl.
Lindsay: Don't make me sorry I brought you out here.

Adam: Mac. Look, I know I've called you a genius before, but this time, I really mean it.

Adam: We could build a profile, you know... a woman, size seven shoe, six one.
Danny: We're off to a really bad start there, buddy. Not one of our suspects fits that profile. None are that tall.
Jo and Lindsay: (Looking at each other) High heels.

Ali Rand: I'm not doing this anymore... I'm dropping the charges.
Flack: Let's be clear about something. There is no dropping these charges, okay? You can't unring this bell.
Ali Rand: You cannot force me to testify.
Flack: No. But the D.A. can, and he will. You're in this, Ali.

Ali Rand: What are you, a cop or something?
Frank Waters: Yeah, I used to be, sort of. I worked on the John Curtis case in DC.
Ali Rand: You did a hell of a job.
Frank Waters: Yeah, well, so did you. I was in court today. If you're gonna dose yourself with GHB, you better figure out the right levels.

Ali Rand: You said I was gonna be safe. But that maniac is back out there. Who do you think he's pissed at right now, the crime lab?
Flack: Look, Ali, you just need to take a breath here.
Ali Rand: They're calling me a liar in the newspaper, a whore.
Flack: I told you not to read the papers.

Christine Whitney: (About Claire's death) I'm sorry.
Mac: There's no need to be sorry. I'm thankful for the time that we had together.