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Abel Bloom: We're Jewish.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Orthodox?
Abel Bloom: Traditional. That's... that's how Hannah would describe us. You do it because you believe it, not because you fear it. That's what she always said.

Aiden Burn: Anybody see anything?
Det. Don Flack: When does anybody ever see anything?

Aiden Burn: NYPD. Crime Scene Investigators.
Shop-keeper: You people deal with rats?
Aiden Burn: Only when they have eaten our evidence.

Aiden Burn: Who hitch hikes nude?
[Stella & Mac are investigating a case at a circus]

Aiden Burn: [Aiden is explaining the term "grand master" to Mac] Yeah, like a deejay legend: Grand Master Flash or a Jam Master Jay. They paved the way for guys like 'Dre and Cube, Eminem and Jermaine Dupri. You like music like that?
Detective Mac Taylor: I prefer Crunk myself.

Aiden Burn: [figures out that a frozen chunk of human excrement had fallen from the sky and killed the victim] Holy crap!

Aiden Burn: Benzosothyazolonal.
Don Flack: Whoa. Benzosothyazolonal?
Aiden Burn: You know what that is?
Don Flack: [pause] No.

Aiden Burn: So, mass spec went crazy with this odor that we found from our head wound vic. I've got words here longer than DiMaggio's hit streak.

Aiden: [to Detective Thacker] Do me a favor. Don't check out my ass when a kid's dead in the street. Show some respect.

Aiden: [walking into a strip club] Holy boob-job, Batman.

Aiden: Did you find anything else?
Flack: I haven't gone in yet.
Aiden: What?? Flack, you little scaredy cat, you don't believe these stories about this place being haunted?
Flack: I was doing my job, Aiden: getting statements from witnesses.
Aiden: Stel, you smell that?
Stella: Yeah. Chicken. Well, I did hear the one about the monk who went crazy and killed the others is true.
Flack: The 1-2-2 gets calls about strange noises coming from this place all the time.
Aiden: Will you stop? That's just an old urban legend.
Stella: Aiden, I think you'd better hold Flack's hand.
Flack: Yeah, okay...cute.

Aiden: How does a potential shortstop become a crime-scene investigator?
Danny: That's real easy. Get into a fight, break your wrist, and then graduate from the police academy, top of my class.
Aiden: Dangerous, Danny Messer.
Danny: Very dangerous.

Aiden: I used to climb over the velvet ropes at this place. Now I'm ducking under crime scene tape.

Danny Messer: Usually when you stab somebody, you know the guy's name. It's just common courtesy.
Theodore Gates: Well, I didn't stab anyone. [to Stella] What on earth is he talking about?
Det. Stella Bonasera: Your DNA was found on the knife that was used to stab Michael Starling.
Theodore Gates: I see. Was it a Swiss Army Knife?
Danny Messer: Nice job, you got it on the first try.
Theodore Gates: [to Stella] Is it necessary that he be here?
Danny Messer: What? What's the matter, am I too old for you?
[the magazine vendor, Mark Stutz, just explained he stabbed the messenger because he was sick and tired of bikers acting like they own the area]

Danny Messer: You hear about that body?
Det. Stella Bonasera: The one by the River Cafe? Yeah, I caught it on the police portable when I was in the shower.
Danny Messer: Why doesn't that surprise me?
Det. Stella Bonasera: The job never stops, Danny.