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Adam Ross: I'd be more than happy to help you, you look a little lost.
Aubrey Hunter: Oh no, I was told to wait right by the elevator. The lost look is me just taking this all in. I've never seen a crime lab before.
Adam Ross: You know, I could give you a tour, show you some epithelials under a microscope.
Aubrey Hunter: I've seen plenty of epithelials, but thank you.
Adam Ross: Ah, Biologist?
Aubrey Hunter: Doctor.
Adam Ross: Dermatologist.
Aubrey Hunter: Emergency Room.
Adam Ross: Single?
Aubrey Hunter: Cute.
Adam Ross: Well...
Aubrey Hunter: [Looks beyond Adam] Mac.
Adam Ross: [flustered] Boss.
Mac Taylor: Hey Aubrey.
Aubrey Hunter: Hi
Adam Ross: Got some work to. [Leaves, fast]

Adam: (sees Danny slowly walking down the hallway with the a cane) Race you to the end of the hallway. Oh, hey! Just a little humor there.
Danny: Yeah, well, uh, where are we at on this hotel-room murder?
Adam: Well, behind door number one, we have a silver vase, champagne bottle and all the matching stemware. Behind door number two, we have a wool ski-mask, presumably worn by the killer. So, what's it going to be, Messer?
Danny: It's going to be door number one.
Adam: Ah. Feeling lucky about getting some prints, huh?
Danny: No, it's just a little closer.

Adam: This guy was kinky with his food.
Stella: Care to elaborate on that?
Adam:I think he was sploshing. A sploshing party is an event where a group of people get together and they experience food in a, uh, sensual way. They, um, caress their bodies with foods of different textures and temperatures, and it, uh... it arouses and stimulates and... they say that it excites them and-and... well, I just, again, it's what I've”¦ I've heard, I...
Flack: There are specific locations for these...?
Stella: Sploshing parties.
Adam: Oh, you can go to a Web site and get an invitation.

Aubrey: (signing some medical charts) I swear, sometimes it takes me half an hour just to get out the door.
Mac: I know that feeling.

Aubrey: You know, all my time in Afghanistan, and I will never get used to a child being in one of those beds.
Stella: It's the worst part of our job.
Mac: The day we get used to it is the day we should walk out the door.

Brooke Hallworth: I just can't believe it was Nick under that mask. He was our friend. He came to visit me in the hospital.
Stella: He was going to go to the police to confess, but before he did, he wanted to see you to try to explain, to apologize as best he could. But when he walked into your hospital room,...
Brooke Hallworth: He realized I didn't remember anything.
Stella: He thought the whole thing would just go away.
Brooke Hallworth: (sighs) Jesse didn't need to do any of this. I loved him for who he was. God... he could make me smile.

Compass Killer: Do you know where I am? Do you even know which way to look?

Danny: (Reading from the newspaper) It all started when Casey's brother hung himself in prison, after being convicted of allegedly robbing a bar and killing the bartender... (drops the newspaper) Allegedly, no, no, he killed a guy.
Lindsay: You want to know what tomorrow's headline is going to be? Woman allegedly kills her husband for not helping with the laundry. Come on we were supposed to leave an hour ago.
Danny: (Talking to Lucy) You see how your mommy talks to me? I'm pretty sure the beach isn't going anywhere, is it?
Danny: (Talking to LIndsay) You think you can get away with that?
Lindsay: Killing you? Absolutely.
Danny: You're that confident with your crime scene clean up skills?
Lindsay: Oh, who said I would clean up anything?
Danny: Oh, of course, you wouldn't leave anything behind right?
Lindsay: No, I would leave everything behind. Including me.
Danny: Oh, so you're going with self defense.
Danny: (Talking to Lucy) She's going with self defense.
Lindsay: You were in here folding laundry, I came in with Lucy to tell you that I was leaving you.
Danny: (Talking to Lucy)(Sarcastically) Leaving me.
Lindsay: The love was gone. We stopped having sex when your impotence problem and your temper became too much for me to handle. So, I said good bye, I turned, and you grabbed me from behind.. It was awful. I mean he had gotten angry before, but never like that Officer. The rage in his eyes...he started choking me, and I was gasping for air. I grabbed the vase and... hit him over the head with it. (Covers her mouth with her hand)
[Danny makes a not bad face to Lucy]
Lindsay: I would be out of the Precinct by Noon.
Danny: I'm genuinly frightened. I don't want to go on this vacation
[Lindsay starts to laugh and throws a pile of clothes at him]
Lindsay: Pack
Season 7

Danny [to Lindsay as she is looking into a microscope]: Whatcha gawking at?

Danny [to Hawkes]: You find our smoking gun, Doc?
Hawkes: It's definitely been discharged. Won't know exactly when until I get it back to the lab.
Lindsay: Where did you find it?
Hawkes: Trash can. Over there, right on top.
Lindsay: Meaning whoever dumped it was in a hurry.
Danny: Or they were just plain stupid.

Danny: (trying to apologize to his rehab therapist) I'm done whining. I came here so you can help me get out of this wheelchair and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. I've got a few precious things I need to pay for.

Danny: Jones put up seed money for Harding's invention business. But it sounds like their deal eventually went sour 'cause Harding filed a suit in 1923 for patent infringement but it was dismissed. Jones comes up missing shortly after.
Mac: Sam Harding had motive to make that happen. Harding thought Jones stabbed him in the back and when he didn't win in court, he got revenge.
Danny: We just solved an 86-year-old murder. Not bad for a half a day's work.
Mac: Well, it gives us the rest of the day to tackle the remaining unanswered questions: who broke into the penthouse? And who made the 911 call?

Danny: Last week, my dog tags were stolen, obviously. My wallet and my badge.
Flack: What? Where did this happen?
Danny: My back's been bothering me, so I go to this acupuncture joint. I come out of the treatment, go back to my locker. Everything's gone, except my clothes.
Flack: Did you report your shield stolen?
Danny: No. I mean, I don't want to make a big deal about it... yet.
Flack: It's a big deal.
Danny: I know.
Flack: Now some nut job's running around the city with your shield. Damn it!

Don Flack: I'm facts, he's science.

Don Flack: Billy James?
Billy James: I take it you guys don't want NYPD tattoed on your forearms.