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Adam Ross: Mac! You gotta come back to the lab.
Mac Taylor: What? Why?
Adam Ross: Because... because I think I just saw a woman get murdered.

Adam Ross: Our fish smuggler remembers a tough-looking Puerto Rican guy buying from him.
Sheldon Hawkes: He get a name?
Adam Ross: No, but he did specifically ask for three snakeheads.
Sheldon Hawkes: So our killer asked for three, and only two have been used. That's pretty simple math.
Adam Ross: Which leaves one more victim yet to be determined.

Adam Ross: That's how I roll. What up?!

Adam Ross: The new voice mail was left using a second prepaid phone and just like numero uno, right, the SIM card was used once and then deactivated.
Lindsay Monroe: So Mrs. Harris' mystery caller is dumping phones as he goes.
Adam Ross: Sure looks that way. So, I compared the serial numbers on both the cards and guess what?
Mac Taylor: They were sequential?
Adam Ross: Yeah. Perp's not as smart as he thinks. He bought both the phones at the same store at the same time.
Mac Taylor: He alluded to a final message in the second voice mail.
Lindsay Monroe: So to leave it, he'd need a third phone which might still be active.

Adam Ross: What would you do?
Danny Messer: What would I do what?
Adam Ross: You know, if you found millions of dollars of gems in the street?
Danny Messer: Give 'em back.
Adam Ross: Oh, come on, guy. You wouldn't keep some?
Danny Messer: Why, would you?
Adam Ross: No, no, no, I... I'd give 'em back. Mostly... I mean... maybe keep one or two.
Danny Messer: Know what happens to people that take things that don't belong to them, right?
Adam Ross: No.
Danny Messer: Other people are getting hurt. Doc! Come here, we got an ethical debate going on, and Adam is failing miserably. What do you do if you come across a fortune of precious gems that don't belong to you?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'd give them to the guy with the knife to my throat.

Adam Ross: When you're the man and you see that the interim boss is not happy with that answer, you dig a little deeper.
(Jo smiles amused)
(After arresting some perps by tracing a cell phone)

Adam: (Arriving at a crime scene in Central Park) Wow. This looks like a postcard... I mean, except for the dead body, of course.

Adam: (holding a magnifying glass to some burnt paper) Is this real? You think someone's in trouble?
Stella: I don't know, Adam. You know, I found these in my apartment after the fire. Now, the edges are singed and the paper's burned, so clearly they were in the apartment before the fire started.
Adam: And you don't recognize the writing.
Stella: No.
Adam: Maybe it's from a friend?
Stella: Oh, and this friend wrote me a note that said, Help me?
Adam: Uh, maybe you're a bad cook.

Adam: (nervously) Was it, um, the paper airplanes? Or-or the-the dancing? It was the dancing, wasn't it? I mean I don't-I don't have to dance. And look, I know I say "what up" a lot, and I'll definitely limit the number of times that I say it, but you just need to tell me, boss, what I need to do and what I don't need to do and I'll do it, or I won't do it but you know 'cause this-this is just--
Mac: Adam, Adam. Take a breath.

Adam: (regading his decision to go to Flack first) I made a choice that I would make again, but I do not mean to disrespect you in any way.

Adam: (sees Danny slowly walking down the hallway with the a cane) Race you to the end of the hallway. Oh, hey! Just a little humor there.
Danny: Yeah, well, uh, where are we at on this hotel-room murder?
Adam: Well, behind door number one, we have a silver vase, champagne bottle and all the matching stemware. Behind door number two, we have a wool ski-mask, presumably worn by the killer. So, what's it going to be, Messer?
Danny: It's going to be door number one.
Adam: Ah. Feeling lucky about getting some prints, huh?
Danny: No, it's just a little closer.

Adam: (showing Mac how to use Second Life) Boss, if you go in-world looking like Joe Boring you're gonna get flagged as a newbie. Let me get in here real quick. Check this out. Hip do, a little custom skin. Cool coat. All right. Check it out. Now you're ready to roll in-world.

Adam: (walks into the room to see Danny smiling) What are you so happy about?
Danny: I figured out what killed my groom.
Adam: Was it the mother-in-law?
Danny: Hahaha, no! It was a missing wedding gift.

Adam: Are the other lab techs still being questioned? It just seems, you know, we've decided guilt by job description, and Harlan seems like our primary suspect.
Mac: You think he did it, Adam?
Adam: Uh, no.
Mac: Do you know who did?
Adam: No.
Mac: We have a responsibility to Jessica Drake. Someone in this lab thinks they have the advantage. If it's Harlan, we'll prove it; if it's not... then we continue to do our job. There's an unspoken rule of trust within these walls. That gets broken... it's inexcusable.

Adam: How's Lindsay?
Sheldon: Seven hours and counting.
Adam: She dilated past one centimeter yet?
Sheldon: (pause) That's kind of a personal question, Adam.
Adam: Oh! I'm sorry, I have - I just have eighteen hours and fifteen minutes in the Hours of Labor office pool... six hundred bucks on the line, yo!