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Catherine: You're racing me Nick. We're driving the same car.

Catherine: You're racing me, Nick. We're driving the same car. (Nick keeps walking down the hallway) Nick! (he keeps walking) Nick, I'll have you removed from the case. You're confronting suspects before the evidence is processed. You're flying solo, cutting me out. What's going on?
Nick: (takes a deep breath) Okay. There are some people you're supposed to be able to trust, you know? I was nine. And she was a last-minute baby-sitter. (Catherine's stunned) All I can remember doing afterwards is sitting in my room in the dark, staring at the door waiting for my mom to get home. But I've never told anyone before.
Catherine: I'm sorry.
Nick: It's what makes a person, I guess. I'm sorry, Catherine.

David: From the sound of it, I'd say he's been dead about two months.
Sara: Sound? (David shakes the bag, liquid sloshes around inside it)

David: I hate when you CSI guys get territorial.
Catherine: Yeah well the victim's family hate it when we don't.

Dr. Robbins: Educated guess: Beautification. She was injected with pig botulism. Botox ... the ultimate wrinkle cream.
Grissom: How did it get into her bloodstream?
Dr. Robbins: Bad doctor. Missed the muscle. Shot directly into her supratrochlear vein.
Grissom: Amazing the advances we make in science and the primitive uses we find for them.

Dr. Robbins: I love this table.

Father Powell: He needs spiritual guidance.
[Grissom looks at the suspect, then looks at the dead body]
Grissom: Yeah, I imagine he does.
Father Powell: Ah. Then you'd have no problem with my talking to him.
Grissom: It's the 11th hour. I wouldn't expect anything less.
Father Powell: Eleventh hour?
Grissom: When the reality of their actions sets in, they usually turn to religion.
Father Powell: Can you think of a better time?

Father Powell: You don't believe?
Grissom: In religion. I believe in God, in science, in Sunday supper. I don't believe in rules that tell me how I should live.
Father Powell: Even if they're handed down by God?
Grissom: How many crusades were fought in the name of God? How many people died because of someone's religion?
Father Powell: Fanaticism, not religion.
Grissom: Semantics. They're still dead.

Gil Grissom: There are three things in life people like to stare at - a rippling stream, a fire in a fireplace, and a zamboni going round and round.
Sara: Charlie Brown. I love a zamboni.
Gil Grissom: We all do.

Greg (after being caught rocking out in the lab): I could have been a rock star.
Grissom: There's still time, Greg.

Greg: Can I help it if I'm hip?

Greg: Cheese, milk, sweaters. What do these things have in common?
Catherine: Goat cheese, goat milk.
Nick: Goat sweaters?
Catherine: Angora.
Greg: Ding, ding, ding.

Greg: FYI, 30 swabs in six hours is not realistic even for me.

Greg: Hey! Yo, Cat!
Catherine: (she walks into DNA) I'm going to forget you called me that.
Greg: Sorry.

Greg: I think I smell something burning in the DNA lab. I'd love to stay and chat...
Grissom: Greg, I hopes that's not the crossword puzzle.