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Chuck: The force is strong in this one.
Morgan: Mmmm. I have no idea what that means, but I am pumped.

Chuck: Well it wouldn't be Christmas with the Bartowskis without a little bit of drama.

Chuck: You can keep the Intersect. Gollum!

Lester: OK. I admit it. I tried to poison you to keep you subordinate. What's the big deal?

Morgan: I haven't seen this routine in a long time. We used to call this routine, 'The Routine'.
Sarah: That's very creative.
Morgan: Chuck had quite a reputation as a hacker. You know? They used to call him, The Piranha. Swordfish, right. The movie, is based on him. We don't talk about it cause he didn't think it was an A plus film.
Sarah: Well I thought it was petty good.
Morgan: Yeah it was okay. It's pothole and hacker scenes were just like...
Chuck: [Takes off headphones] Haha, someone coded the name into the telex script. The inside joke for anyone running viral counter measures. [Puts headphones back on]
Morgan: Piranha got into a coding session, he can get a bit...giddy.
Sarah: That's actually pretty cute.
Morgan: It's also super nerdy.
Sarah: It's definitely that too.

Morgan: Thanks for pantsing me.
Chuck: Anytime buddy.

Morgan: You know, if I was standing on my wallet, I'd be tall.

Robin: The Omen? Or pain?
Chuck: Shouldn't there be a third option?

Sarah: [correcting Gertrude] First of all, its 'Mrs.'

Sarah: Ah, I'd like to make a toast. Chuck and I have been a little sad this week that we aren't normal people. I've been having a hard time with the fact I have no real friends. but I look around here at all of you today and I realize that because of Chuck, I do. Nobody in the world is closer than we all are. So, Thank you and cheers.

Sarah: Chuck, I'm not leaving my husband on a mission.

Sarah: Chuck, you found it. What's the matter?
Chuck: I can't afford it. If we bought it yesterday, with our fortune, we'd own it. But now...I'm so sorry, Sarah.
Sarah: Well, so what. We knew this wasn't going to be easy and we didn't get married because we thought life was easy, we got married so that we could be there for each other when things got tough. That we could work through things together, rich or poor.
Chuck: But how are we gonna do this? We gotta start over.
Sarah: Well it's okay, we'll get new clients and we haven't lost everything. We still have Castle and the store.
Chuck: Buy More.
Sarah: The Buy More.
Chuck: The Buy More, we use the store to support the spy team, we take the profits and put them into Carmichael Industries until both companies can make money. But in order for that to work, the store has to actually make profit.
Sarah: We can do that.
Chuck: We can do that. What about me though? You and Casey are super spies, Morgan's the Intersect. Who am I? What's my job?
Sarah: Chuck, you're our leader.

Sarah: I really have no place to hide a gun.

Sarah: If you ever go out alone again, just remember, I'm a trained assassin.
Chuck: You wouldn't shoot me, would you?

Sarah: Thank you.
Chuck: For defeating Daniel Shaw? For stopping the Omen virus? Or was it me getting us invited to rejoin the CIA.
Sarah: For saving me.
Chuck: Technically it was Morgan that saved you. Because of all the saving that was going on, I didn't have time to get you your gift in time for Christmas. However. [Takes out charm bracelet.] An oldie but a goodie. [Puts it on Sarah's wrist] I hope it will suffice for now.