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Anna's Father: So, Morgan, you work at Buy More.
Morgan: Yes sir, that's correct. And Anna will tell you that I got the old nose to the grind stone. Not literally, of course, because that would hurt.
Anna's Father: And is that where you see yourself in, say, five years?
Morgan: That's a tough question. I can tell you where I don't want to see myself in five years. Prison. Or under house arrest. Doing anything that involves a lot of chopping. Deep knee bends. No nudity.

Awesome: So, Thanksgiving. We're all supposed to say what we're thankful for. I'm thankful for the most beautiful woman in the world, Ellie Bartowski.
Morgan: Good call.
Anna: Morgan.
Morgan: Aww, right.
Ellie: That's sweet, honey. I am thankful for my family and my friends.
Casey: I pass.
Awesome: Chuck.
Chuck: I'm thankful that Bryce Larkin is dead. And is not currently in my bedroom making out with my new girlfriend.
Casey: [gets the hint and leaves the table] Excuse me, please.
Morgan: Wow, buddy, that was, um, really dark.
Awesome: And specific.

Awesome: There comes a time in every man's life when he reaches, well, a crossroads. A time when he must ask himself, "Am I a tucker?"

Awesome: Way to go Chuck, I always knew you could handle my family jewels.
Season 2

Awesome: Where are you, Chuck? I need the ring. This is not awesome!

Bryce: Hello, Chuck.
Chuck: Sarah and Casey are right inside; one girlish scream from me and they go into combat mode!

Carina: Now, see that man over there? Payman Alahi, his house, his party, his diamond...for now.
Chuck: Are we-are you talking about Señor Wookiee over there?

Casey: [Bryce is using Chuck at a shield] I've got a shot.
Chuck: No, you don't!
Casey: You'll be fine.
Chuck: No shooting, no shooting! I'm susceptible to bullets!

Casey: [to Lester and Jeff] We could do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is I shove his foot up your ass.
Jeff: What's the hard way?
Casey: I use my foot!

Casey: Bang up job, Walker. Now I'm gonna give you one last chance to come clean. Did you or did you not compromise yourself and the Intersect?
Sarah: Do you ever just want to have a normal life? Have a family? Children?
Casey: The choice we made to protect something bigger than ourselves is the right choice. Hard as that is for you to remember sometimes.

Casey: Chuck! Sarah!
Sarah: Casey, What are you doing here?
Casey: Someone needs to protect the Intersect.
Chuck: Very thoughtful. Thank you very much, I guess.
Casey: Plus, I didn't want to miss any gun play. Come on.

Casey: Decided to take up bird watching?
Chuck: Just breathing in the view.
Casey: Hmm.
Chuck: I know that grunt. Yeah, that's the number 7, right? Skeptical with a side of cynicism.
Casey: Just clearing my throat. Just couldn't help but notice Agent Walker's car isn't in her usual spot.
Chuck: Oh, I didn't, uh...It's weird. I didn't notice, I didn't see that at all. Fine maybe I did. So? Have you talked to Sarah lately?
Casey: Agent Walker and I don't do a lot of fraternizing off hours. Guess we'll just have to see.
Chuck: See...See What? Why? See what?
Casey: See if she's had enough of the good life with you. See if she's hightailed it to wherever your buddy Bryce is hiding himself.
Chuck: Is that, uh, is that an option?
Casey: Oh, Don't worry. I hear there's a great selection of new handlers in this year's CIA Christmas catalog.
Chuck: Are there? Thanks a lot.

Casey: Relax, I think I see a scenario where we both get out of here with acceptable losses.
Chuck: What exactly is your version of acceptable?
Casey: Breaks and punctures, possible loss of a limb, no major organ damage.

Casey: This is how this is gonna work. I'm gonna go over there, rescue Sarah, capture Dr. Zarnow, shoot anybody who gets in my way. You, you're gonna stay here.
Chuck: So in this plan I basically do nothing?
Casey: Yup.
Chuck: [dramatically] ...Let's do this.

Casey: Well, should I pop some popcorn or beat the answer out of you?
Bryce: No thanks, I'll talk.
Casey: Darn.