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Awesome: Alright, this isn't good. Why doesn't John drag him out of there?
Casey: Yeah, I'm afraid my days of legalized body snatching are over, guys. I'm a civilian now. This one's on you, Bartowski.

Awesome: Geez, this guy's heavy.
Chuck: Well bad guys don't count carbs, buddy.

Awesome: So you come up with a plan yet?
Chuck: Oh yeah. Yeah, the plan is: Sarah and I are going to sneak out of here, and save Casey. While you stay here and save the Premiere. We just gotta take care of those two guards there.
Awesome: Those two soldiers with machine guns. You and what army?
Chuck: Uh, that would be Sarah, and her fists.

Awesome: Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.
Chuck: Maybe you shouldn't be sneaking into my room at night.

Awesome: What are we going to do? We don't have a plan!
Morgan: No plan? Never stopped me before.

Awesome: You're incredible; is that your spy training?
Chuck: Duck Hunt, Nintendo.

Big Mike: [about Jeff and Lester] Sweet Lord, they did it. They actually did it. Those crazy nerds blew up the freaking Buy More!
Season 4

Big Mike: I'm not gonna lie to you, boys. Bartowski is killing it with the ladies.
Lester': I know. First there was that hot girl from Stanford..,
Jeff: Jill. Then there was that brunette with the overpriced deli...
Big Mike: Lou. She was a fine, miniature piece of woman.
Lester': And now Hannah! I'd like to moisturize her feet with my saliva.
Jeff: Don't you get it? None of them matter. Chuck may try to replace her...but when he's with Sarah, the light in his eyes shines brightly.
Big Mike: [tearing up] Damn onions.

Big Mike: Mornings are for reflection and pastry.

Carina: And Casey will pose as my father.
Casey: Check your math, sister. I'll play your brother.
Carina: That's a bit of a stretch, Colonel.
Chuck: Yeah, Casey. Uh, I think you have dungarees that are older than Carina.

Casey: [as Ellie and Chuck drive away] Hm. Two Bartowskis. Double the fun.

Casey: [to Chuck] I made my decision between love and love of country a long time ago, and it was the right decision for me. You have to make a decision whether it's the right one for you. Walker's a good woman. It's still not too late.

Casey: Because the thing I hate more than hippie, neo-liberal fascist anarchists are the hypocrite fat-cat suits they eventually grow up to become.

Casey: But haven't you personally given me the order to kill that commie crackpot on three separate occasions?
General Beckman: And three times, you have failed to complete your orders.
Sarah: Thought you said you had a perfect record.
Chuck: Wow. This is getting entertainingly uncomfortable.

Casey: Chuck, stop freaking out.
Chuck: Oh I'm not freaking out. And I'll tell you why I'm not freaking out, because that would require me overreacting and I don't think it's technically possible to overreact to my brother-in-law being kidnapped!