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Beckman: [See's all the arcade machines in Castle] So shocked you people are running out of money.
Chuck: Missile Command is a part of our process.

Big Mike:I want customers to remember the true meaning of Christmas and get back to what you're supposed to be doing -- buying stuff.

Casey: [about a deserted Honkey-tonk bar] This is were we come in our darkest hours-Iran Contra, Nicaragua, the Clinton years...

Casey: [to Chuck] Do you actually play any non-video game sports?

Casey: [to Morgan] And a moron again! Sorry moron still.

Casey: Good job of breaking me out, moron, I was actually a little proud of you.
Morgan: Did you just compliment me AND insult me?

Casey: I want it noted that I took out six of their guys.

Casey: It made a nasty scar, right over one of my favorite scars.

Casey: Leave it to the three friends you recently stabbed in the back.

Casey: You ever have sex with someone who's just tried to kill you? It's incredible.

Chuck: [about the Intersect] ....scary, exciting, your hormones are all out of whack, you're really discovering your body!

Chuck: Do you remember why we started Carmichael Industries to begin with?
Morgan: The corporate discount on the pinball machine right?

Chuck: I'm a much bigger nerd than you thought I was.

Chuck: I've been training for a while now.
Shaw: Oh really? Can you compete with the Intersect 3.0? I can practically catch a bullet in my teeth, but you did some pushups? You hit the heavy bag? No intersect can help you this time, Chuck.
Chuck: I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Chuck: Perving out on Gertrude. Weird move Casey.