Morgan: I haven't seen this routine in a long time. We used to call this routine, 'The Routine'.
Sarah: That's very creative.
Morgan: Chuck had quite a reputation as a hacker. You know? They used to call him, The Piranha. Swordfish, right. The movie, is based on him. We don't talk about it cause he didn't think it was an A plus film.
Sarah: Well I thought it was petty good.
Morgan: Yeah it was okay. It's pothole and hacker scenes were just like...
Chuck: [Takes off headphones] Haha, someone coded the name into the telex script. The inside joke for anyone running viral counter measures. [Puts headphones back on]
Morgan: Piranha got into a coding session, he can get a bit...giddy.
Sarah: That's actually pretty cute.
Morgan: It's also super nerdy.
Sarah: It's definitely that too.

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