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Awesome: [about Ellie's proposed name for their baby] Grunka?!
Chuck: I can't believe she's gonna name her Grunka.
Awesome: Dude!
Chuck: Dude!
Awesome: Dude.
Chuck: Dude!
Awesome: We can't.
Chuck: You can't.
Awesome: Grunka isn't what you name your beautiful baby girl, it's what you name...(referring to the other Buy More employees) these people."

Awesome: [reading aloud a book to the baby] So, really the missing link isn't actually missing. It's a misnomer when a fossil shows a specimen in a state of the intermediary development.
Ellie: [about her father's laptop] It's missing.
Awesome: Babe, you really think it's wise to argue in front of the baby?

Awesome: Go ahead, try and run! I will catch you because I have superior form.

Awesome: Listen, I've got to run. I still need to find someone to make Ellie's placenta into vitamin pills.
Chuck: Huh, I need to un-hear that. How do I un-hear that?

Awesome: You're not "just" anything, Ellie.
Ellie: Really?
Awesome: You're Mrs. Awesome.

Badguy: This better not take long. I already tried to kill three people at the table.
Morgan: Yes. What do you mean? No, You heard me the first time. Shoot the puppy. I'm so sick of feeding him. Kill the puppy. So hard to great good henchmen nowadays. Hmm?

Beckman: Bartowski and Rye, Capture the Belgium and recover the fake stones. Until we know whats really on those microdots this is code red and could likely to get very ugly.
Sarah: General, at this point I feel it is essential I go with Chuck and Agent Rye to Switzerland.
Chuck: I think Sarah should let us handle this seeing how we have determined this is the only way I will get the Intersect back working.
Sarah: Chuck. We are talking about real danger now.
Chuck: I'm sorry, I can only handle fake danger?
Sarah: I know the Intersect is important but so far none of Agent Rye's therapies have work. The microdot contains highly sensitive information that the wrong people will kill for.
Chuck: Well I can take care of these wrong people without you holding my hand.
Sarah: Why? It doesn't make sense to risk your life.
Chuck: Because this is what I do. I am a spy.
Sarah: No. Chuck you're not...... Not right now.

Big Mike: [referring to Las Vegas] It's about high stakes, and gambling, and getting into some weird stuff that just might haunt you for the rest of your life.

Big Mike: What happened to you two? You smell like vomit and Cheerios.
Ellie: We had a baby.

Casey: [as reinforcements from Volkoff Industries arrive] many Russians...

Casey: [Calling the Buy More] Casey. Code red. I've been drugged. Don't know how long I can stay conscious. Need extraction. In an alley. 4th and Hill. I'll be in a dumpster.
Jeff: Don't worry, Casey. I know that dumpster!
Casey: Wait! Who is this? Where's Chuck?
Jeff: We're on our way! [into the PA system] Lester! Nerd Herd emergency. Man down! Meet me at the Herder.

Casey: [giving Chuck some fatherly advice] You know , I proposed once....To Kathleen....We had plans to go to Niagara Falls...I was about to ship out...we were young...I was stupid and things got screwed up so I ended up proposing in a Buffalo bus station. Not exactly the most romantic spot in the world, but I'll always have that day, I'll always have that look on her face. Now the truth is there no such thing as the perfect moment, or a perfect spot, so forget about the balcony Bartowski. All you need is the girl!

Casey: [Takes gun off Morgan] You are not getting bullets for a long, long time.

Casey: [to Morgan about Alex] You break her heart, I break your everything.

Casey: Chuck, how'd you get here?
Chuck: My mom dropped me off.