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Awesome: [to Morgan] You have exactly one day to get my money back to me or I pluck you from head to toe.
Anna: Start with the groin. He won't be using that region for a while.

Awesome: I lent him that money so he could get an apartment, not blow it on some stupid car!
Anna: WHAT? That money was for our apartment?! I'm gonna kill him!
Awesome: Get in line, Anna!

Awesome: Whoa!
Morgan: Evening.
Awesome: Talk about low hanging fruit!
Ellie: Oh my God! I'm going to kill Chuck!
Morgan: Didn't Chuck tell you I sleep in the, in the buff?

Awesome: You're a spy, Chuck? That's... awesome!

Barkley: We're the flagship store, we should get those computers--
Big Mike: Flagship of my ass; now get out of here, Barkley.

Bernie: Are you wired?
Chuck: No I'm not.
Bernie: [aims his gun at Chuck's face] Are you wired?
Chuck: Yes, yes we are.
. . .
Bergey: Are you wearing a wire?
Chuck: That's preposterous.
Bergey: [his thugs aim their weapons at Chuck] Are you wearing a wire?
Chuck: Yes, yes I am.

Bryce: The cube can't fall into the wrong hands. I made a promise to Orion.
Chuck: You knew?
Bryce: That was the deal. Your dad knew I protected you at Stanford. I was the only spy he would trust.
Chuck: I can't believe you've known all this the whole time.
Bryce: He wanted to keep you out of this. But I knew you could handle the Intersect. I knew Sarah would find you. Most importantly, you deserved to know the truth about your father. He's a hero... Let's go get your sister married.

Casey: [Colt is dangling Chuck out a window] Let the geek go!
Sarah: Wait! Not out the window.
Casey: Aren't we picky?

Casey: [to Chuck after Sarah spills wine on Chuck's pants] Not the first American tax dollars wasted on a man's lap.

Casey: [to Chuck] If my primary objective wasn't to protect you, I'd kill you.

Casey: Beckman was out of line pulling me off this mission.
Sarah: I agree with her. You're too emotionally involved.
Casey: This from the agent that can't keep her chocolate out of Bartowski's peanut butter.
Sarah: Whatever my feelings may be for Chuck I never knowingly endangered the asset. You let your anger towards Bennett cloud your judgment.
Casey: Finally you admit that you do have feelings for the nerd.
Sarah: No, all I will admit to is having feelings.

Casey: Does the word "silent" have a different meaning in geek that I'm not aware of?

Casey: Going somewhere Bartowski ?
Chuck: No. No. We came back here for you because Fulcrum here.
Casey: Well we better get out of here.
Chuck: I'm not leaving without Sarah.
Casey: You drive or I'll end you.
Chuck: End me? Oh yeah, how are you going to do that? You don't have a gun.
Casey: Don't think I could kill you using my thumb or my elbow? Nerd bludgeon by radiator.
Chuck: You can't kill me with that radiator. It is far to confined in this car for you to get the appropriate torque.
Casey: Strangle you with my handcuff chain.
Chuck: Yeah. Yeah. You could probably do that.

Casey: Hey. Chuck, turn off the gas you idiot. You inhale too much of that stuff it'll kill you.
Chuck: We're gonna die.
[Chuck and Zamir laugh]
Chuck: We're gonna die.
Alex: [Grabbing the walkie talkie] Open this door right now!
Chuck: No. Look, I'm not listening to you. Okay?
Alex: This isn't working. I can't risk this going any further. I'm getting the nitro.
[Starts to leave]
Sarah: Forrest! We can do this your way or we can actually save the asset!

Casey: No no no, I served my country with honor Bartowski! Please...let me die with dignity!