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Chuck: [to Sarah, after Casey's pep talk] I don't need a balcony and I don't need a sunset. We have each other and that is all that matters.

Chuck: [to Sarah] Do our wedding colors remind you of socialism?

Chuck: [while Sarah is about to leaving for a mission] What am I, what do I say? What do we...?
Sarah: I love you.
Chuck: That's good. I love you. I like that. I love you, too. Be safe, okay?
Sarah: Nothing is gonna keep me from coming back to you.
Chuck: Better not.

Chuck: Beckman was a dirty blonde?
Roan: It was the eighties, everything was dirty blonde.

Chuck: Buddy, I need your help on a super top secret mission.
Morgan: Do I get to parachute out of a plane on a wild horse?
Chuck: No, you do not. Because nobody... ever does. But you do get to wear an earpiece.
Morgan: Sold!

Chuck: Do you really think that Sarah is the emotional rock that is sitting on the Intersect?
Rye: Why do you always call for her right before you flash? You did it in the bedroom and in the vault.
Chuck: Yeah, well you know....
Rye: Scared! Perfectly normal for a Nerd Herder. But a spy, Chuck, handles his fear on his own.
Chuck: Or her own.
Rye: Ask yourself a question. Are you a spy? Or are you a guy with a spy girlfriend?
Chuck: I'm a spy!

Chuck: Forget it buddy, can't really do anything with Casey being well, Casey.
Morgan: Chuck! Bubuleh! Casey is your man-servant, let him man-serve you.

Chuck: I can't bear the thought of you getting hurt. If this thing goes off so, I want you to go. Now, please. Save yourself.
Sarah: OK, you know what? You could have told me that before I climbed under those lasers.
Chuck: I.. What I was... I...
Sarah: Chuck, you are being ridiculous! C'mon! Even for a man that is trying to free himself from high-tech explosives. Casey and I know the risk but of course we are gonna help you. This is your mom.
Chuck: I love you, you know that? And... And I'd say that even if you weren't in the process of saving my life right now. Which, does by the way, make you about 20-25% sexier in my book. All right, 50.

Chuck: Listen, I was just waiting until I calmed down a little bit. Okay? It's our first real fight as a couple, and everyone knows that sets the tone for all future fights.
Sarah: Oh, you're going to set the precedent by telling everybody what you're thinking and feeling before me?
Chuck: See, that just makes it sound bad.

Chuck: Right my vows. My turn for vows. They just don't cut it. I'm sorry , Sarah. How do I express the depth of my love for you. Or my dreams for our future, or the fact that I will fight for you every day. Or that our kids will be like little superheroes with little capes and stuff like that. Words can't express that. Don't do it justice. they just don't cut it. So no vows. I'll just prove it to you every day for the rest of our lives. You can count on me.
Season 5

Chuck: Sarah! Sarah. look I know you have to go...
Sarah: [she kisses him deeply and passionately] I missed you too Chuck.
Chuck: Wow. It's kind of like I'm cheating on you with you right now.
Sarah: Goodbye. Call me on the secure line with the plan.
Chuck: Got it. See you in prison!

Chuck: So, where were we on the conversations?
Sarah: Personal time.
Chuck: Oh yes, yes. Morgan is going to need at least five hours of my time every week for Halo purposes.
Sarah: And I need thirty minutes of complete silence before sleep.
Chuck: Which is going to be a challenge with my cuddling needs.

Chuck: We are crap communicators.
Sarah: What?
Chuck: Why are we so afraid to talk about the whole ring thing, you know? I mean we're in love, you wear your teeth-bleaching system in front of me... We should be able to talk, no?

Chuck: Well, in the meantime, let's keep going with the questions, heh? What are five words you'd use to describe your partner?
Sarah: Brunette... Tall...
Chuck: Mmmmkay, yeah, good, close. But what about like charming, terminally handsome, incredibly intelligent...

Chuck: You know my dad... he taught me a lot of things. Like looks can be deceiving.
[Casey reveals to Armand that he faked his death by unplugging his heart monitor. Then he knocks out Armand with a bonsai]
Chuck: Fight for your family.
[Sarah ambushes Volkoff's gaurds and disables one with a throwing knife]
Sarah: Mary, quick! [They escape after a brief gun fight]
Chuck: And of course never use a gun-- [Volkoff fires the pistol but it is empty] --unless you absolutely have to. I probably should have told you I have this thing about bullets. I was never going to kill you Alexi. But then I am my father's son, aren't I?