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Casey: Grimes. Are you leveraging me, to stay in my apartment?
Morgan: I don't ah. Am I? Let's say I was. Is it working?
Casey: Okay. You can stay at my place as long as you keep quiet. Don't tell anyone, especially Bartowski.
Morgan: Oh God Casey, you have no idea what this means to me. Come here.
Casey: Don't get too excited, I'm keeping you close to make sure you keep your mouth shut. Because if you don't, I know where you live.

Casey: The CIA created one of the most murderous men in the history of the world. Powerful people spending an enormous amount of energy covering that up. If they find out we know they order a guy like me to put a bullet in each one of our heads. Pretty sure your dad didn't want this to end that way.

Casey: Walker.. A word please.
Sarah: Can it wait?
Casey: No.
Sarah: He's not talking... and he's a smirker.
Casey: You know just because I helped you bring him here doesn't mean I'm giving you free reign. You need to cool down. Get some rest.
Sarah: I'm not going anywhere.
Casey: I was wrong about you. You're not acting like a worried girlfriend. No, you're acting like a spy I used to know. Before Chuck. Langston Graham's "wild card enforcer." I didn't like that Sarah Walker. You know why? Because she was unpredictable. Now you're going to go home. I insist.

Casey: You're Chuck Bartowski, you're the second best spy I've ever worked with. Go save the best one.

Chuck: [About Alex] Still haven't told Casey yet, huh?
Morgan: No.
Chuck: Well, be careful how you break the news to him. He might kill you accidentally.

Chuck: [about his secret way of communicating with Sarah] Right now, she's telling me she loves me. Or she's buying a Buick...I can't really tell.

Chuck: [after hearing Sarah make several outrageous demands for the wedding] What the heck was that?
Ellie: I think I created a monster.
Chuck: Yeah, well... 'Cause I work... I work... I work at the Buy More, and that stuff sounds kind of pricey.
Ellie: Maybe you could just pick up a few extra shifts... Or rob a bank.
Chuck: [having just robbed a bank] Ha! You...

Chuck: [After Morgan comes rushing to Chuck to tell about the birth of Clara] General, General, can we borrow a van?
General Beckman: Agent Bartowski, you just arrested Alexei Volkoff and obtained the Hydra Network we have spent the last 20 years searching for. Lieutenant, get this man a chopper.

Chuck: [as Morgan brings him to pole dancing] Morgan, what sort of hand-to-hand combat did you sign us up for?
Morgan: Strip-kick. Yeah, it mixes the self-defense of krav maga with the intense core workout of pole dancing. I saw an infomercial on it.

Chuck: [As Sarah is defusing a bomb] Sarah, listen, I cannot die without you knowing that I accept you for who you are. Your weird unpacking habits, it doesn't matter to me. Nothing matters. I still love you.
Sarah: You still love me?
Chuck: Sorry, what? What? Did I? Those weren't the best last words, were they?

Chuck: [Mary is driving nearly 100 mph and aiming her gun at him] Mom? You hit one pot-hole and this ride gets very messy very quick.

Chuck: [outside Morgan and Casey's shared apartment] Let me in!
Morgan: Over my dead body Chuck.
Sarah: [breaking in through the ceiling] How about over your tranqed body?
Morgan: You were distracting me so she could break in.
Chuck Yeah.
Morgan: Clever girl. You using the five millimeter darts?
Sarah: Ten.
Morgan: Please tell Casey I put up a good fight! [Sarah tranquilizes him]

Chuck: [over the radio] Look, clearly you have no idea who I am since you only sent ten of your men to take care of me. So let me break it down for you: if you touch a hair on Sarah's head, I will do to you what I've just done to your men. Do you understand? I'm coming down there now.

Chuck: [Sarah's calling Casey] He did just get shot in the leg, and is resting up. So he probably won't be available.
Casey: Casey. What do you need?
Sarah: A little bored, Casey?
Casey: Dear God, give me something to do!

Chuck: [to Noble and Dunwoody] So, are you guys a couple or something?
Rick Noble: Don't be ridiculous.
Victoria Dunwoody: It's against agency protocol.
Noble: Romantic entanglements lead to lapses in judgment.
Dunwoody: [to Chuck and Sarah] You ought to know.