Beckman: Bartowski and Rye, Capture the Belgium and recover the fake stones. Until we know whats really on those microdots this is code red and could likely to get very ugly.
Sarah: General, at this point I feel it is essential I go with Chuck and Agent Rye to Switzerland.
Chuck: I think Sarah should let us handle this seeing how we have determined this is the only way I will get the Intersect back working.
Sarah: Chuck. We are talking about real danger now.
Chuck: I'm sorry, I can only handle fake danger?
Sarah: I know the Intersect is important but so far none of Agent Rye's therapies have work. The microdot contains highly sensitive information that the wrong people will kill for.
Chuck: Well I can take care of these wrong people without you holding my hand.
Sarah: Why? It doesn't make sense to risk your life.
Chuck: Because this is what I do. I am a spy.
Sarah: No. Chuck you're not...... Not right now.

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