Casey: Decided to take up bird watching?
Chuck: Just breathing in the view.
Casey: Hmm.
Chuck: I know that grunt. Yeah, that's the number 7, right? Skeptical with a side of cynicism.
Casey: Just clearing my throat. Just couldn't help but notice Agent Walker's car isn't in her usual spot.
Chuck: Oh, I didn't, uh...It's weird. I didn't notice, I didn't see that at all. Fine maybe I did. So? Have you talked to Sarah lately?
Casey: Agent Walker and I don't do a lot of fraternizing off hours. Guess we'll just have to see.
Chuck: See...See What? Why? See what?
Casey: See if she's had enough of the good life with you. See if she's hightailed it to wherever your buddy Bryce is hiding himself.
Chuck: Is that, uh, is that an option?
Casey: Oh, Don't worry. I hear there's a great selection of new handlers in this year's CIA Christmas catalog.
Chuck: Are there? Thanks a lot.

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