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Ares: "It's not the end of the world. Who knows, maybe as a mortal I can experience something I never could as a god."
Xena: "Like what?"
Ares: "Like you."

Ares: "You don't bring me flowers anymore.

Ares: What happened to the peace-loving, blond chick you used to be?
Gabrielle: Ares, [plants herself on his lap] that Gabrielle's been gone for a long time. You and Xena showed me that warriors rule the world, not philosophers.
Ares: I could get used to this. I could.

Ares: [tries to disapparate with his non-existent powers] I gotta stop trying that. I'm gonna rupture something.

Eve: Believe me, you don't want to make me angry.

Lucifer: Aren't you two inspiring? Michael and Raphael, chief warrior angels of the Chief himself, quaking like a couple of frightened children.
Michael: You're very sure of yourself, aren't you?
Lucifer: I'm sure of both my faith and my devotion, which has fueled my speedy ascent through the hierarchy. A climb that will continue with a promotion to Seraphim.
Michael: And how do you plan to do that?
Lucifer: By throwing Xena down into Hell myself.
Michael: You realize Xena has the power to destroy angels.
Lucifer: She will use that power unless I send her to Hell.
Michael: Very well. Proceed.
[Raphael and Michael look at each other after Lucifer leaves]
Raphael: He just may be the right one for the job.
Michael: He may be perfect.

Lucifer: I'm still hot for you, Xena. Only now, I'm bigger, stronger, and more powerful than ever.
Xena: That doesn't begin to make up for the attributes you lost. [shows him his reflection]
Lucifer: What? What have you done to me?
Xena: Only what I suspect Michael wanted all along -- to put you in touch with your inner demon. Your kingdom awaits!

Marga: Are you challenging me?
Gabrielle: If it comes to that, I am challenging you.

Mephistopheles: Now you see you can't harm me here.
Xena: If you come into my realm, I will kill you before you take a step.
Mephistopheles: And then take my throne?
Xena: What are you talking about?
Mephistopheles: Whoever kills me must take my place and reign over Hell. And frankly, Xena, I don't think you're up to the job.

Varia: Don't you miss it? The knot in your stomach as you prepare for war.
Eve: The quiet after a tough battle?
Varia: Yeah.
Eve: Victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. Death so close, then suddenly driven away...no, I don't miss it.

Varia: I've only seen one warrior do that move. I knew I recognized you from someplace. You're Livia, Bitch of Rome.

Varia: Mommy won't save you this time.
Eve: "If that's my destiny, so be it."

Varia: You alright?
Eve: Yeah.
Varia: You took care of my sister Amazons before you took care of yourself. Thank you.
Eve: My wound was a small one.
Varia: That old scar's a bad one. Take a look at this.[shows Eve a thick scar on her shoulder]
Eve: Wow.
Varia: A Roman short sword. The man who did it died before he had the time to wipe his blade.
Eve: [turns around to expose a long scar on her lower back] Gaelic spear. The man who did it, his entire regiment, his village and two neighboring villages destroyed before the sun went down.
Varia: I was right. You were a serious warrior.

Xena: "If he's not insane, then I'm not a Fury. [morphs into Alecto]

Xena: "You might be a mortal, Ares, but you will never be a man!"