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Agathon: Whoa! Nice 'ceps. Do you work out or all you gods cut?

Aphrodite: Need it ... got it ... hate it ... can always hock it ... Grody! Why do these mortal types always give me fish. I hate fish.

Ares: (After kissing Hope) You are so not like your mother.

Ares: [referring to Gabrielle] Ding-dong, the bitch is dead.

Ares: Call me a big softie, but I decided I like you after all.

Ares: Hmm, intersting. There's an analogy here of course. The water representing our torments, the ice the thin layer of control we like to believe over it, but it's a false confidence.

Ares: No. Life isn't worth living. It's to be taken, and beaten. And wrestled, and formed in your image. That's where the meaning lies. In what you can twist life into. For those who just endure life, yeah it is a very nasty joke. But for those who form it with their will, the joke is on those who get in the way.
Xena: I must be crazy. You're beginning to make sense.

Ares: That´s the spirit, let it go! Pain is just nature´s way of sayin´: Hey, you´re alive!!

Ares: We were starting to-- warm up to each other there, weren't we?
Gabrielle: Yeah, we were.
Ares: I didn't like it.
Gabrielle: Right back at ya.

Autolycus: (regarding Joxer)Why is he here?
Gabrielle: He knows Jet.
Autolycus: No, I mean on a grander scale, why is he here?

Autolycus: Alright, Xena, you've been waiting for this moment since we started. Some good old-fashioned kick-butt - that's my warrior princess-action.

Autolycus: I'm not as dumb as he looks!

Barbarian Leader: We fight with the heart of a lion.
Aphrodite: And you run with the feet of a chicken.

Caesar: Xena. This is impossible, how can you...This is Rome, you can't...you...
Xena: There's a sentence there just dying to get out.

Callisto: All these years I've spent living to destroy you, thinking that, only if I can give you the same pain that you gave me, I'd be rid of it. And then I do. And nothing changes. I don't feel better. Just empty.