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Xena: You know where I'm headed there'll be trouble.
Gabrielle: I know.
Xena: Then why would you want to go into that with me?
Gabrielle: That's what friends do. They stand by each other when there's trouble.
Xena: Alright... friend.

Xena: It's not easy trying to prove you're a different person.

Xena: And I wish you were here. It's hard to be alone.
Gabrielle: You're not alone.

Xena: He looks like a gentle soul, that's rare in a man.
Gabrielle: It's not the gentle part I have a problem with, it's the dull, stupid part.

Xena: JUMP!
Gabrielle: If I die I'm never talking to you again!
(Gabby jumps from Argo to chariot.)
Xena: You call that a jump??
Gabrielle: No, it was a frantic leap...best I could do.

Xena: Don't tell me! That was HIM?
Gabrielle: 'Fraid so.
Xena: Remind me to have a talk with you about your taste in men.

Xena: Don't confuse defending yourself with using a weapon. When you pull a sword you have to be ready to kill.

Xena: The first time you pick up a sword, you become a target. And the moment you kill...everything changes. Everything.

Gabrielle: You're waiting for the right moment to say I told you so, aren't you?
Xena: Nope. I'm waiting for you to say it for me.

Gabrielle: Hah!...It's not like your breasts aren't dangerous enough.

Xena: See how calm the surface of the water is. That was me once. And then....(throws the rock in)....the water ripples and
churns. That's what I became.
Gabrielle: But if we sit here long enough it will go back to being still again. You'll go back to being calm.
Xena: But the stone's still under there. It's now a part of the lake. It might look as it did before but it's forever changed.

Gabrielle : Did you sleep okay?
Xena : Like a rock. You?
Gabrielle : ON a rock.

Gabrielle: Did you ever notice that we never have a problem getting a table?
Xena: It's a mystery to me

Xena:You're gonna cut your throat and jump? That's a bit overdoing it don't you think?

Xena: If I run now, I'll be running forever.
Gabrielle: Well, it beats being dead.