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A warlord:Where´s your woman, did she drown?
Autolycus: No, no, she didn´t drown. She should be here momentarily. She´s nearly conquered territory, you know how it is...
A warlord: Virgin grounds, whoa.
Autolycus: Yeah, you see, a woman´s chastity is like a new hat. A beautiful thing that´s...(Xena appears)... going to kill me. Oooh, what took you so long my dear, finishing up my laundry?
Xena: Yes, you left something hanging on the line.

Ares: Sometimes the best man for a job... is a woman.

Autolycus: Ah, Xena, I think I found your disguise. The assistant of Sintares would wear no less. (holds up skimpy outfit)
Gabrielle: Any less and there wouldn't be.

Autolycus: Malthus...I don't steal from him.
Gabrielle: (laughs) He's afraid.
Autolycus: No, we have an arrangement. I don't steal from him, he doesn't gouge my eyes out with hot pokers. It's worked out very well so far.

Autolycus: You're trying to use my ego against me.
Gabrielle: I didn't think it would work.
Autolycus: No, it worked. I'll do it.

Callisto: The sight, just the sight, of Xena, Warrior Princess arguing on my behalf amuses me, so let me tell you. Let me answer your question about what I'd do if you let me go. You let me go, and I'll dedicate my life to killing everything you love. Your friends, your family, your reputation - even your horse. I'm being so honest with you, because the idea of your pity is worse than death for me. You see, you created a monster with integrity, Xena. Scary, isn't it?

Diomedes: You embroider.
Xena: I have many skills.

Ephiny: (to Xena) Are you sure you're not an Amazon?

Ephiny: Come...Now.
Gabrielle: You must have me mistaken for a pet.
Ephiny: (Scowls) Would you come with me?
Gabrielle: That's better.

Ephiny: Now I see why you ride the horse.

Gabrielle: You want to talk about it?
Xena: What?
Gabrielle: Cirra.
Xena: It was just another village to conquer. Nothing out of the ordinary. A fire broke out and I don't know if it was my men or just an accident but there was a strong wind and those flames just swept through that town like a wave of death. And the people were huddled in their houses because they were afraid of my army. That was the one time that my army was responsible for the death of women and children. And there was just a handful of survivors. Obviously Callisto was one of them.

Gabrielle : Did you sleep okay?
Xena : Like a rock. You?
Gabrielle : ON a rock.

Gabrielle: (being lead down to the dungeon) It was really nice of you to walk me down here personally.

Gabrielle: But I've learned my lesson. Everything I know, you know. From now on, no more secrets.
Xena: We'll see how long that lasts.
Gabrielle: Hmph.

Gabrielle: By the Gods!
Xena: What is it?
Gabrielle: You are beautiful!