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Scott: It's really not so bad, Mrs. Daniels. Having special powers can be pretty cool sometimes.
Evan: Oh yeah! I'll tell you what, Shades! Let's see what you've got that's so cool!
Mrs. Daniels: Evan!
Evan: Sorry, Mom.
Jean: No really, it's okay. It's just that Scott's powers aren't really what you'd call 'indoor-friendly'.
Evan: Okay, whatever. Look, man. I like it right here and I'm not going to some home for freaks! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some school stuff to take care of. (goes upstairs)
Mrs. Daniels: Evan!
Jean: Well, that went well!
Scott: Yeah. And I thought we were really making a connection there.
Mr. Daniels: I apologize for my son, Mr. Summers. He's obviously dealing with a lot right now. I'll talk with him.
Jean: (using her power) Hey! He's going out the window.
(The group sees Evan going off on his skateboard)

Beast: This is not who I am.
Shadowcat: Maybe it's who you're meant to be.

Beast: Journey? Where can you go when you can't be seen by the public?
(to Professor Xavier, after he is advised to go on a trip to find himself.)

Amanda: You know, blue really is my favorite color.
(to Nightcrawler, after he reveals his true physical form to her.)

Blob: "Group Leader". "Scholastic achievement". That should've been me!
Quicksilver: You can't even spell 'scholastic achievement', Blob.

Beast: We, scientists, have a special term for that called "I don't know..."

Big Foot Research Scientist: This is a wonder of Nature! It is our duty to respect it!
Hunter 1: What? It's not like we're going to make a rug out of it!
Hunter 2: A coat, maybe, but not a rug.
(about the captive Beast, after the hunters comment how much Big Foot will be worth in the market.)

Big Foot Fanatic: It looks like we've got ourselves the real McCoy.
(about Beast, after the expedition successfully captures him.)

Avalanche: Yea THIS"LL go out with a bang.

Beast: You can't go back either, huh?
(to a stranded fish beached on the side of a river.)

Blob: We don't go anywhere we ain't wanted.
Toad: Since when?

Blob: That loser Scott should've lost, and you know it.
Pietro: Yeah. Just because he slipped into the bath, the guy went ballistic.
Nightcrawler: Slipped?! More like avalanched!
(After Jean saves Evan from falling off the cliff)

Big Foot Research Scientist: Good Heavens! You can speak!
(to a captive Beast, as the latter attempts to strike up a friendly intellectual conversation with him.)

Big Foot Fanatic: ...is he wearing trunks?
(about Beast, whom has been accidentally caught on tape and mistaken as Big Foot.)

Beast: Send me an e-mail, and I'll take your complaint under "advisement".
(to Spyke, as the latter protests at the beginning of the trek.)