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Boom-Boom: Let me guess: you must be Mistic.
Mystique: Try Mystique. This is my home, and my rules. Rule Number One: Move out of my room. Think you can handle that, Bam-Bam?

Boom-Boom: Oh, come on! I don't look that bad!
(to Toad and Blob, who scream at the sight of a "bamf" demon, just as she exits the washroom.)

Boom-Boom: Room's all yours, Mys-tique!
[after blowing up said room with her time bombs.]

Cody: (about talking to Rogue) I'm just, you know, picking my moment. Taking it slow.
Ty: Cody, I've seen glaciers move faster.

Colossus: When you tire of the discrimination, Magneto offers you the chance to join him.
Wolverine: So I can become a lackey like you?! I don't think so!
Colossus: I am not a lackey! I... I have no choice.

Cyclops: Go to Duncan Matthews' party? I don't think so. Matthews is a jerk.
Shadowcat: No he's not. I'd go.
Cyclops: No freshmen allowed.
Shadowcat: Oh. Matthews is a jerk.

Cyclops: Hey! Watch the tail! (jerks Kurt off of table) Now, see? That's exactly what I'm talking about --
Nightcrawler: You pulled my tail, man!
Cyclops: Grow up, Kurt.
Nightcrawler: Hey, lighten up, dude!
Cyclops: You're always goofing around!
Nightcrawler: And you're seriously cramping my style!
Cyclops: Listen.
Nightcrawler: No, you listen! There's a sound I want you to hear, and it's-
(Nightcrawler teleports, leaving Cyclops coughing in a cloud of brimstone.)
Cyclops: [To Jean and Evan] Blew it, didn't I?
Jean Grey: Oh yeah.
Spyke: Totally.

Cyclops: Logan, have you ever... you know... really cared for someone?
Wolverine: Pliers.
Cyclops: [tosses wire strippers] I mean, you felt it so strong you couldn't even get the words out?
Wolverine: Yeah, once. Most beautiful bike I ever saw. I was so speechless someone else bought her. [groans] Not wire strippers, pliers! Use your eyes, kid!
Cyclops: Problem is, how's the guy supposed to know if the girl feels the same way?
Wolverine: Look, here's how I see it: I'd like to finish this job before New Years. So if you don't tell her, I will.

Cyclops: Nice job, Kurt. You'll make a pilot, yet.
Nightcrawler: Thanks!
(Kurt starts piloting with his feet.)
Cyclops: ...or maybe not.

Cyclops: Teleporter to maximum, Mr. Wagner.
Nightcrawler: Aye, Captain!
Cyclops: Engage.

Cyclops: You mean he's some kind of demon?
Rogue: Yeah, right!
Beast: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than you've dreamt of in your philosophy."
Rogue: Now that's Shakespeare.
(About Angel and his recent vigilantism.)

Deborah Risman: "HYDRA molded her from birth. Removing all distractions. Isolating her from all attachments...or love."
Wolverine: "And yet you just let it all happen."
Deborah Risman: "It was made very clear that I could leave if I disapproved. For her sake, I chose to stay. We trained her how to blend in naturally with others. But when she watched children having fun, witnessed loving families...unexpected hostilities emerged. When she was twelve...they put her through the Weapon X process."
Wolverine: "Enough! She's a child, not a weapon! (Growls) How do you sleep at night?"
Deborah Risman: "I don't. That's why I'm here. To help her. To try and undo some of the damage I've done."

Deborah Risman: "My job there [HYDRA] was to create a weapon. The perfect weapon. Based on data HYDRA had stolen from a project codenamed: Weapon X. But I failed. Time and time again. Twenty-two times to be precise. Twenty-three was the charm once we realized where to look for the answers. It was you, Weapon...uh, Wolverine. Your healing factor was the key. Therefore, we... acquired your DNA."
Wolverine: "You...cloned me?"
Deborah Risman: "Not entirely. I had to make a few genetic variations. Unfortunately, that caused some...instability. X-23 became volatile. Dangerous. Our efforts to breed out emotions left behind...explosive anger. I succeeded in creating the ultimate weapon."
Wolverine: "But then you couldn't control it."
Deborah Risman: "She's out there, somewhere. And she must be found."

Evan: (Sabertooth grabs him) We've been expecting you. (Evan pops his spikes) You gotta be sharp if you're gonna mess with the Spyke.
Sabertooth: (drops Spyke goes after Kitty) Then I'll take you!
Kitty': (Kitty phases Creed flies through) Right. I'm so sure!
Sabertooth: knocks Kitty into a tree, goes after her again)
Rogue: Back off ugly!
Wolverine: Pickin' on kids, Creed? Big mistake!
Sabertooth: Yeah, Why?

Evan: Come on, Rogue, get with the program. Shake that thing.
Rogue: Hey, she's got her moves, I got mine.
Kitty: Yeah, girl, you gotta go with it. Y'know, you're like a walkin' zombie or something.
Evan: Hey, listen, Rogue, how 'bout you shed those gloves and give K-girl a tap.
Kitty and Rogue: What? No way!
Evan: Listen to me. Just enough to rip Kitty's moves.
Rogue: It might work. Just concentrate on 'em.
Kitty: Okay, but you better not lay me out.
(Rogue touches her)