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Blob: We don't go anywhere we ain't wanted.
Toad: Since when?

Colossus: When you tire of the discrimination, Magneto offers you the chance to join him.
Wolverine: So I can become a lackey like you?! I don't think so!
Colossus: I am not a lackey! I... I have no choice.

Cyclops: Logan, have you ever... you know... really cared for someone?
Wolverine: Pliers.
Cyclops: [tosses wire strippers] I mean, you felt it so strong you couldn't even get the words out?
Wolverine: Yeah, once. Most beautiful bike I ever saw. I was so speechless someone else bought her. [groans] Not wire strippers, pliers! Use your eyes, kid!
Cyclops: Problem is, how's the guy supposed to know if the girl feels the same way?
Wolverine: Look, here's how I see it: I'd like to finish this job before New Years. So if you don't tell her, I will.

Deborah Risman: "HYDRA molded her from birth. Removing all distractions. Isolating her from all attachments...or love."
Wolverine: "And yet you just let it all happen."
Deborah Risman: "It was made very clear that I could leave if I disapproved. For her sake, I chose to stay. We trained her how to blend in naturally with others. But when she watched children having fun, witnessed loving families...unexpected hostilities emerged. When she was twelve...they put her through the Weapon X process."
Wolverine: "Enough! She's a child, not a weapon! (Growls) How do you sleep at night?"
Deborah Risman: "I don't. That's why I'm here. To help her. To try and undo some of the damage I've done."

Deborah Risman: "My job there [HYDRA] was to create a weapon. The perfect weapon. Based on data HYDRA had stolen from a project codenamed: Weapon X. But I failed. Time and time again. Twenty-two times to be precise. Twenty-three was the charm once we realized where to look for the answers. It was you, Weapon...uh, Wolverine. Your healing factor was the key. Therefore, we... acquired your DNA."
Wolverine: "You...cloned me?"
Deborah Risman: "Not entirely. I had to make a few genetic variations. Unfortunately, that caused some...instability. X-23 became volatile. Dangerous. Our efforts to breed out emotions left behind...explosive anger. I succeeded in creating the ultimate weapon."
Wolverine: "But then you couldn't control it."
Deborah Risman: "She's out there, somewhere. And she must be found."

Jamie: Come on, Kitty, just wear it for a while.
Kitty: Jamie, I said no.
(Jamie makes a sad face)

Juggernaut: What are you trying to do? Embarass me to death? Come on, gimme your best shot!
Cyclops: You know, that's just what I had in mind. [starts to use his eye blasts against Juggernaut]
Juggernaut: You think that fancy visor's gonna stop me?! NOTHING stops me! I'M RAW POWER!!!
Cyclops: Yeah? You want it raw, tough guy? Then take it RAW! [removes his visor and uses his powers at full force]

Kid: Hey, what's your special power? Can you, like, read my mind?
Rogue: Yeah, like I could find it.

Kitty: Oh alright, but this does not mean we're on a date.
Jamie: It doesn't? {places corsage on kitty}
Kitty: Listen, you were the only one who didn't have plans. Besides you're, like, 12 years old.
Jamie: But Roberto lent me his suit and everything. He expects a full report.
Kitty: Jamie!

Nightcrawler: Do you mind? You're in my personal space!
(to Shadowcat, as she phases halfway through him to get a better view of the television.)

Nightcrawler: That was a delicious dinner, Mrs. Sefton.
Amanda's Mother: Well, it was sweet of you to offer to do the dishes.
Amanda: Oh, Kurt is very considerate. He gets good grades, too. And he has the nicest friends.
[Immediately before Toad crashes into the Sefton cottage and tries to steal Nightcrawler's portable holo-projector.]

President: My fellow Americans - all my fellow Americans, human and mutant - I stand before you now to clear the X-Men of all wrongdoing in the giant Sentinel robot disaster. The real criminal suspect behind the Sentinel weapon has been arrested and charged. This has caught us all by surprise, but isn't reason for any of us to judge people solely by their differences. To put it as simply as I can, we need to learn more. We need to be open-minded. And we need to give this mutant question more time.

Quicksilver: May I remind you losers that Magneto put me in charge of this group for a reason? The only chance you have of joining his new group is if you guys can prove you can work together as a team. And that, my friends, takes leadership. Strong, deicsive, fearless- WANDA! Don't tell her I'm here!
[Quicksilver hides in a closet as Scarlet Witch storms into the Brotherhood home.]
Toad: Babycakes, you've come back to me.
Scarlet Witch: Where is he?!
Toad: Pietro? He's in the closet.
Quicksilver: Thanks a lot, wart boy!

Rogue: I'm not that fat!
(about the news broadcast revealing her as a mutant.)

Shadowcat: This is the real you, isn't it?! You're nothing but a hood!
Avalanche: Right. I'll never be good enough for you!