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Amanda: You know, blue really is my favorite color.
(to Nightcrawler, after he reveals his true physical form to her.)

Avalanche: Yea THIS"LL go out with a bang.

Beast: [Looking around at all of the melted snow from the mutant snowball fight] Well, so much for our winter wonderland. I can see now that teaching mutants will require entirely different skills.

Beast: Journey? Where can you go when you can't be seen by the public?
(to Professor Xavier, after he is advised to go on a trip to find himself.)

Beast: Send me an e-mail, and I'll take your complaint under "advisement".
(to Spyke, as the latter protests at the beginning of the trek.)

Beast: This is not who I am.
Shadowcat: Maybe it's who you're meant to be.

Beast: We, scientists, have a special term for that called "I don't know..."

Beast: You can't go back either, huh?
(to a stranded fish beached on the side of a river.)

Big Foot Fanatic: ...is he wearing trunks?
(about Beast, whom has been accidentally caught on tape and mistaken as Big Foot.)

Big Foot Fanatic: It looks like we've got ourselves the real McCoy.
(about Beast, after the expedition successfully captures him.)

Big Foot Research Scientist: Good Heavens! You can speak!
(to a captive Beast, as the latter attempts to strike up a friendly intellectual conversation with him.)

Big Foot Research Scientist: This is a wonder of Nature! It is our duty to respect it!
Hunter 1: What? It's not like we're going to make a rug out of it!
Hunter 2: A coat, maybe, but not a rug.
(about the captive Beast, after the hunters comment how much Big Foot will be worth in the market.)

Blob: "Group Leader". "Scholastic achievement". That should've been me!
Quicksilver: You can't even spell 'scholastic achievement', Blob.

Blob: That loser Scott should've lost, and you know it.
Pietro: Yeah. Just because he slipped into the bath, the guy went ballistic.
Nightcrawler: Slipped?! More like avalanched!
(After Jean saves Evan from falling off the cliff)

Blob: We don't go anywhere we ain't wanted.
Toad: Since when?