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Blob: "Group Leader". "Scholastic achievement". That should've been me!
Quicksilver: You can't even spell 'scholastic achievement', Blob.

Blob: That loser Scott should've lost, and you know it.
Pietro: Yeah. Just because he slipped into the bath, the guy went ballistic.
Nightcrawler: Slipped?! More like avalanched!
(After Jean saves Evan from falling off the cliff)

Cody: (about talking to Rogue) I'm just, you know, picking my moment. Taking it slow.
Ty: Cody, I've seen glaciers move faster.

Cyclops: Go to Duncan Matthews' party? I don't think so. Matthews is a jerk.
Shadowcat: No he's not. I'd go.
Cyclops: No freshmen allowed.
Shadowcat: Oh. Matthews is a jerk.

Cyclops: Hey! Watch the tail! (jerks Kurt off of table) Now, see? That's exactly what I'm talking about --
Nightcrawler: You pulled my tail, man!
Cyclops: Grow up, Kurt.
Nightcrawler: Hey, lighten up, dude!
Cyclops: You're always goofing around!
Nightcrawler: And you're seriously cramping my style!
Cyclops: Listen.
Nightcrawler: No, you listen! There's a sound I want you to hear, and it's-
(Nightcrawler teleports, leaving Cyclops coughing in a cloud of brimstone.)
Cyclops: [To Jean and Evan] Blew it, didn't I?
Jean Grey: Oh yeah.
Spyke: Totally.

Cyclops: Nice job, Kurt. You'll make a pilot, yet.
Nightcrawler: Thanks!
(Kurt starts piloting with his feet.)
Cyclops: ...or maybe not.

Cyclops: Teleporter to maximum, Mr. Wagner.
Nightcrawler: Aye, Captain!
Cyclops: Engage.

Evan: (Sabertooth grabs him) We've been expecting you. (Evan pops his spikes) You gotta be sharp if you're gonna mess with the Spyke.
Sabertooth: (drops Spyke goes after Kitty) Then I'll take you!
Kitty': (Kitty phases Creed flies through) Right. I'm so sure!
Sabertooth: knocks Kitty into a tree, goes after her again)
Rogue: Back off ugly!
Wolverine: Pickin' on kids, Creed? Big mistake!
Sabertooth: Yeah, Why?

Evan: Come on, Rogue, get with the program. Shake that thing.
Rogue: Hey, she's got her moves, I got mine.
Kitty: Yeah, girl, you gotta go with it. Y'know, you're like a walkin' zombie or something.
Evan: Hey, listen, Rogue, how 'bout you shed those gloves and give K-girl a tap.
Kitty and Rogue: What? No way!
Evan: Listen to me. Just enough to rip Kitty's moves.
Rogue: It might work. Just concentrate on 'em.
Kitty: Okay, but you better not lay me out.
(Rogue touches her)

Evan: Woah,... I don't recomend that.

Forge: Man. You do have that rep.

Jean: Or not.

Jean: Which one of your guys has been putting on weight? I can hardly hold you!
Cyclops: It's Nightcrawler. Burgers seven days a week will do that to a fella.
Nightcrawler: Ah, the breakfast of mutants.

Jean: Yeah, at least he gave us a choice. Survival training here or with Wolverine.
Rogue: Some choice.

Jean: Yeah, well, Scott's cool. He'll handle it like a group leader should.
(Scott blows Lance out of his boat with his powers.)