Scott: It's really not so bad, Mrs. Daniels. Having special powers can be pretty cool sometimes.
Evan: Oh yeah! I'll tell you what, Shades! Let's see what you've got that's so cool!
Mrs. Daniels: Evan!
Evan: Sorry, Mom.
Jean: No really, it's okay. It's just that Scott's powers aren't really what you'd call 'indoor-friendly'.
Evan: Okay, whatever. Look, man. I like it right here and I'm not going to some home for freaks! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some school stuff to take care of. (goes upstairs)
Mrs. Daniels: Evan!
Jean: Well, that went well!
Scott: Yeah. And I thought we were really making a connection there.
Mr. Daniels: I apologize for my son, Mr. Summers. He's obviously dealing with a lot right now. I'll talk with him.
Jean: (using her power) Hey! He's going out the window.
(The group sees Evan going off on his skateboard)

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