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Avalanche: Yea THIS"LL go out with a bang.

Beast: We, scientists, have a special term for that called "I don't know..."

Farmer: What's a mutant?
(during the news channel coverage on the public's reaction toward mutants.)

Gambit's foster father:(after Storm winds some crooks away) That chick can control the weather!
Rogue:Meet my family.

Gambit: I'm not afraid. Go ahead: absorb my thoughts. See for yourself that I mean you no harm.
Rogue: Like I want you inside my head.

Gambit: Rogue...
Rogue: Don't. You just did the wrong thing for the right reasons.
Gambit: So, what now?
Rogue: I'm going back with the X-Men. I don't care what you do.
Gambit: Sure, you don't.

Gambit: You'll be fine, cherie. You've got people looking out for you.

Jean Grey: Duncan, don't do this.
Duncan: Save it, Jean. My days of listening to you are over.
Jean Grey: And my days of putting up with you are over!

Kid: I'm starting to think the old lady next door might actually be one.
(during the news channel coverage on the public's reaction toward mutants.)

Magma: Hey! Accidents happen. Like, if I "accidentally" dropped this, it will "accidentally" burn a hole right through your car.
(to Duncan, as he threatens Cannonball.)
Duncan: Get away from there, or I'll show you how accidents can go both ways!

Nightcrawler: If you don't help her, this will haunt you for the rest of your life. Prove that you're not like her.
(to Rogue, in persuading her to save Mystique.)

Rogue: What is it with you and cards?
Gambit: Oh, it's like having fifty-two explosives in one little pocket. I always save her for last.
Rogue: Queen of Hearts?
Gambit: My lucky lady. She's gotten me out of a lot of jams.
Rogue: Then I need a deck of those.

Spyke: As for you: threatening little girls? You're lucky I only damaged your car.
Duncan: Yeah? And you think I'm going to let you get away with messing up my ride?
Spyke: Well, I guess the question is: What are you going to do about it?
(Duncan's two companions run away in fear)
Spyke: Go ahead. Make the call. Spread the word. Tell them the mutants of Bayville are off-limits to hate crime, as of now.
(Spyke jumps into the sewers, shooting off two flaming arrows that blow up Duncan's car)
Duncan: (Into phone) Get me the police!

Toad: Hello, McFly!
(to Mystique, now a stone statue, as he raps on her head.) [a reference to the Back to the Future trilogy; Biff does this when he is annoyed with the McFlys.]

Toad: Never fear, people, the Brotherhood has arrived. We'll stop that runaway train.
Bystander: Yeah, but what about the other train?
Quicksilver: Uh... What other train?
Bystander: Radio says one's coming the other way carrying eight tankers of gasoline.