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Andy: Hey pants
Nancy: Please tell me I didn't hear that you had cyber sex with a 15 year old deaf girl.

Andy: Hey, Doug.
Doug: Hey, Randy.
Andy: Andy, it's Andy.
Doug: Oh really? I thought... It's not Randy?
Andy: (Andy shakes his head)
Doug: I've always thought of you as a Randy.
Andy: Pretty sure.
Doug: Hmm, wow. Okay.
Andy: Lookin' for Nancy?
Doug: Yeah, I am, is she around?
Andy: No, you can try her cell phone.
Doug: Oh no, no, she needs to sign some stuff, papers and things. (Hears television in background) Are you watching Incredihoes?
Andy: Ha, yeah.
Doug: Oh that's good. I started it 7 or 8 times, I've never seen the whole thing.
Andy: That's a strong endorsement.
Doug: It is. Oh... I don't suppose you'd let me watch with you, would ya?
Andy: That'd be kinda weird
Doug: Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right. Well, enjoy. Orgasmagirl's a squirter.
Andy: Hey hey hey, spoiler.
Doug: You know I've got about an 8th of Romula on me.
Andy: Come on in.

Andy: If there's one thing I learned about the Christ crowd, absolutely no sense of humor. Should've gone after the Jew market, least we can take a joke

Andy: Know this, Lupita: until you love me, I've got enough love for the both of us.

Andy: Runway?
Doug: You know that little piece of skin that runs between your asshole and your balls, or asshole and vagina, that's called a runway.
Andy: That's called a taint, taint ass, taint equipment.
Doug: What the hell's that mean? No, I think "runway" is much more of a visual description.
Andy: It's a taint.
Doug: Runway.
Andy: This is a taint.
Doug: Runway.
Andy: Hey, Lupita, settle an argument for us. What do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole?
Lupita: The coffee table.

Andy: The way I see it is you're in way over your head here. You got a house, you got bills, you're a mommy. Dealing is a full time job. You need some help, Nancy Pants.
Nancy: Don't call me pants. Judah called me pants, not you.
Andy: Hey, I miss him too, Nancy. Whatever you think about me, Judah was my brother. And I loved him. And I have your back.

Andy: Why didn't I just take off? The guy was on a bike for god's sake.
Nancy: ‘Cause you're stupid. So, Ms. Greenstein, wha-what happens now?
Ms. Greenstein: Incarceration, in a medium security prison for no longer than 10 years.
Andy: 10 years?
Ms. Greenstein: Joke! (Laughs) Listen up everybody, there's nothing to worry about. You're looking at a fine and, probably an anti-drug class.
Nancy: So, no jail time?
Ms. Greenstein: You've obviously never sat through an anti-drug class. You had less than an ounce on you, there's no jail for that.
Andy: Oh, that's bullshit.
Ms. Greenstein: I don't understand, that's good news.
Andy: I paid for a full ounce. They fuckin' cheated me.
Nancy: They fuckin' saved your ass from going to jail.
Ms. Greenstein: Still that's very un-cool. There used to be an unbroken spiritual bond between dealer and buyer. I feel your pain, Andrew, and I return it with a renewed sense of outrage.
Nancy: So less than an ounce is a misdemeanor?
Ms. Greenstein: That's only if the cop's an asshole. Most cops just let you go.
Nancy: What if the marijuana is in baked goods � say, candy or chocolate?
Ms. Greenstein: (Sing-songy) If you can eat it, you can beat it.
Nancy: What would get their attention?
Andy: If I sued ‘em, can I sue ‘em?
Ms. Greenstein: All right, you asked for it, you get it. The lay of the land. Marijuana currently exists in the legal gray area, it's not illegal to have weed, less than an ounce that is, Andrew, but it's illegal to buy it.
Nancy: What about growing?
Ms. Greenstein: Ah, botany. As long as it's not broken down, non-specific weight, we're talking a slap on the wrist, 3-5.
Nancy: Years?
Ms. Greenstein: Probation.
Nancy: So you can grow it, but you can't break it down?
Ms. Greenstein: Not unless you wanna go to jail or flee to Mexico. Or Canada. Canada rocks. Primo weed, reeeaaalllly good Chinese food.
Nancy: Do you have a card? Because you never know in my business when you might need a lawyer.
Ms. Greenstein: What's your business?
Nancy: I own a bakery.
Ms. Greenstein: Smart cover. Call anytime.

Andy: Yeah, I cook, you sell. Come on, Nanc. I don't mind you being out there in front, I'm totally liberated. It's me and you, babe, Team Botwin.
Nancy: Please leave.
Andy: I will, just as soon as you sign these papers. There's no water in this tub!
Nancy: I can't do this right now.
Andy: You have to. Doug says if you don't hurry, they're gonna put a vitamin store in there. And this town does not need more gingko biloba. It needs pot brownies. Come on, sign.
Nancy: Andy, today, it was brought to my attention that the down side of this business is death. So right now, I'm not thinking about the bakery, I'm thinking of enrolling in dental hygiene school so my children aren't orphans.
Andy: If anything happens to you, I will raise Silas and Shane as my own.
Nancy: (Laughs) Now I pledge never to die.
Andy: Well, we're gonna have to get a longer lease.
Nancy: This is my business. This has nothing to do with you. Go downstairs, do what you do best. Patrol the couch in your underwear.
Andy: Look, this is different. This is my moment. I was born to cook drugs.

Andy: You know, I don't think you're adorable anymore.

Celia: (A little tipsy, pulls up next to Nancy in Conrads hoopdie) Hey Nancy! Where's your, where's your ring?
Nancy: My ring?
Celia:Yeah, you're pretty little diamond ring.
Nancy:It's in the shop.
Celia:Oh, well, I hope they can fix it.
Nancy:Yes, me too, Celia. Thanks!

Celia: (Walking into Nancy's House) You really should lock your front door.
Nancy: I do lock it. But Lupita leaves it open so she doesn't have to dig for her keys. Drives me insane.
Celia: Their subtle revenge for having to clean our toilets.
Nancy: I still say, we got the better end of that deal.

Celia: Dean?? You awake? (Buzz go the hair clippers)
Isabelle: (In the morning, at the breakfast table) Did your hair go to boarding school in Mexico too?

Celia: Have you ever had sex with a woman?
Nancy: None of your business
Celia: Oh come on, tell me
Nancy: Okay, I slept with a woman in college
Celia: How was it?
Nancy: Boring.
Celia: Well, maybe you didn't do it right.
Nancy: She said I was the best she'd ever had.
Celia: What are you doing Friday night?

Celia: He always did excellent work down there... Piece of shit.
Tennis Pro: IS that what you think? He's shit?
Celia: You know, when you stop being cute and clean and funny at home and start spending afternoons with your head buried in the snatch of the tennis pro, yeah, you're a piece of shit.

Celia: He just turned out to be another mid-level asshole. And that makes me Mrs. Mid-level Asshole.