Adam Ross: (Imitating Jo) Well, uh, I'm just... so sorry, sir, you're just not the man who replaces Mac Taylor at the head of this crime lab. Yeah, not with that pocket protector and those silly Pee Wee Herman-looking glasses.
Adam Ross: (Imitating the man) Uh, but, um, then why did Chief Sinclair want to interview me and have you show me around the lab?
Adam Ross: (Imitating Jo) Well, that's probably because he's just got to make believe that Mac Taylor's never coming back. He doesn't even know the difference between a GCMS and a scanning electron microscope. Well, I'll tell you what, sweet thing, okay? I'm gonna introduce you to a bunch of people that you're never gonna be supervising...
Lindsay Monroe: There's something seriously wrong with you.
Adam Ross: (Gasps) Awkward. How long were you there?
Lindsay Monroe: Pretty much the whole time

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