Adam Ross: I'd be more than happy to help you, you look a little lost.
Aubrey Hunter: Oh no, I was told to wait right by the elevator. The lost look is me just taking this all in. I've never seen a crime lab before.
Adam Ross: You know, I could give you a tour, show you some epithelials under a microscope.
Aubrey Hunter: I've seen plenty of epithelials, but thank you.
Adam Ross: Ah, Biologist?
Aubrey Hunter: Doctor.
Adam Ross: Dermatologist.
Aubrey Hunter: Emergency Room.
Adam Ross: Single?
Aubrey Hunter: Cute.
Adam Ross: Well...
Aubrey Hunter: [Looks beyond Adam] Mac.
Adam Ross: [flustered] Boss.
Mac Taylor: Hey Aubrey.
Aubrey Hunter: Hi
Adam Ross: Got some work to. [Leaves, fast]

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