Brett Dunbar: I don't believe it. You've got a man on the inside.
Stella Bonasera: Mac Taylor. It was one of the gunman's demands. Mac went in through the back door so the press wouldn't see, and in exchange he was able to negotiate the release of one of the hostages.
Brett: And you're worried about him.
Stella: I'm worried sick. Look, Brett, I need your help. No one knows weapons like you do.
Brett: So you've got a victim with one entry wound but with two bullet wounds inside of him.
Stella: Yeah. Basically I'm looking for the impossible.
Brett: A murder weapon that kind fire two rounds near instantaneously without any recoil.
Stella: Don't tease me.
Brett Dunbar: Follow me. (leads her into an arms room and hands her a weapon)
Stella: (fires two shots)
Brett Dunbar: It's called the Kriss Super V, .45 caliber. Every time you fire, the recoil energy produced is vectored downward into a spring-loaded receiver instead of backward into the shooter's body.
Stella: Takes the kick right out of kickback.
Brett Dunbar: Hmm. End result? Highly accurate shot each time this bad boy's fired.
Stella: So how did our gunman get his hands on this kind of cutting-edge technology?

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