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Chuck: I can't hit a girl!
Sarah: I can!

Chuck: I don't care who you were, I know who you are. And you're not in this alone.

Chuck: I had a CIA mission.
Awesome: What exactly does that mean?
Chuck: Well you know, same old same old. Bad guy throws a fancy cocktail party. Another bad guy is trying to sell him a weapon. Bust both bad guys. Diffuse a bomb. Blah blah blah.

Chuck: If I have to see you with someone else, it might as well be a hero.
Sarah: What can I say? I have a type.

Chuck: It's another in Paris, Sarah and Shaw, and Shaw, this time for real, he's working for the ring. And I know, I know you can't help me anymore, I know all that, but Sarah is gonna die without us. I can't do this on my own.
Casey: But I can't help you anymore. I'm not a spy.
Chuck: You are a spy. you're the ultimate spy.
Morgan: Was....Chuck was, but the man been Buy More'd. That right. You've deluded yourself into thinking Buy More is your life. Wake up John, OK? Because we need you to get on this plane, Chuck needs you to get on this plane. If not, that's cool. You know, find yourself on Friday night with Jeff and Lester's crew hanging out in Woodland Hills. I know this because I was that guy. But Chuck and Sarah and you, Casey, you showed me I could be so much more. I was meant for something, to be a spy. What about you? What do you have left in the tank? What do you want to be when you grow....[Casey grabs Morgan]
Casey: Morgan go to my closet and get me my suit. The black one.

Chuck: Listen, I'm an integral member of this team and my voice should be heard.
Casey: Oh, your pre-pubescent girl screams are going to be duly noted.

Chuck: Look I don't want to pester you, Sarah uh, or become some nuisance that you can't avoid. I've seen Morgan go down that road far too many times to count. And since I've already given the fancy, eloquent version of this speech before, right now I'm just gonna be blunt and honest. I love you. One more time because it feels really nice to say, I love you. I feel like I've been bottling this up forever. I love you.
Sarah: Chuck, you don't have....
Chuck: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm getting out of hand, but look, you were right in Prague. You and I, we're perfect for each other. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Chuck: No guns, no flash. Honey, darling, you mind telling me what you've done with our small cashe of weapons?
Sarah: I got rid of them, sweetheart.
Chuck: You actually listened to me?
Sarah: I can't quite believe it myself!
Chuck: Where's the gun you had at the hotel?
Sarah: I left them in the car.
Chuck: Why would you do that?!
Sarah: Because you told me to!

Chuck: No, no I'm not letting you shoot a tiger. They're endangered and majestic.

Chuck: She said she couldn't be with someone who didn't believe in her. I believed in her. I just didn't believe in me.
Morgan: Dude, you are misquoting the line! And you are ruining Pretty in Pink for me!

Chuck: There's gotta be a contingency plan if enemy agents infiltrate my house. Like a button you push that calls that cavalry so they can swoop in and get everyone out. Where's the button?
Casey: Me. I'm the button.

Chuck: This is gonna be your favorite song. [plays "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone]

Chuck: Well, ah I guess that makes two changed men.
Casey: What, You?
Chuck: Ya.. Buddy I just passed my first solo spy test last night. This is it, I'm going to the show. I really wanted to tell you before hand, I'm sorry that I didn't , but you know top secret, you understand.
Casey: You took your test last night? And you Passed?
Chuck: Oh yeah. With flying colors man... And we I think we both know I have you to thank for that. I..I wanted to give you a little something.
Casey: Ah.
Chuck: I don't think they are going to miss it down in Castle. Do you?
Casey: You know that giving away a government issued firearm is a felony, don't you? But It's a thoughtful felony.
Chuck: Honestly, everything is coming up roses right now, I've passed my test..Ah you are joining the world of human beings. I'm proud of you! Kudo's for that. And Sarah has invited me for dinner tonight, alone at Union Station. so
Casey: You sure you're completed your test?
Chuck: Yeah. Like I said, I've passed. Celebration time now.
Casey: Ok. You just be careful out there. Ready for anything.
Chuck: A good spy always is right!

Chuck: What does all this mean? Casey. I mean technically I failed my test.
Casey: You need to understand that for Walker, Shaw and Beckmann, you passed the test. To them, you killed Perry, doing exactly what you were trained to do.
Chuck: Yeah but I didn't do it. You did.
Casey: Chuck, I'm a civilian. Which means technically under the law what happen tonight was murder. No-one can know the truth about that ever. Not even Sarah, She would be implicated too.
Chuck: All that means I'm not a real spy. I don't know who I am, don't know what I am?
Casey: I can't answer that one for you Chuck.
Chuck: Hey.. Why did you do it?
Casey: Because you weren't going to. You're not a killer Chuck.
Chuck: Thanks.

Chuck: What's in Dubai?
Casey: Weap-Con, the greatest weapons convention. I go every year. I find it very relaxing. It looks like this year I'll be able to write it off as a business trip.