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Brennan: I owe you an apology.
Booth: An apology? Wait a second, is this you apologizing to me or me apologizing to you for something that I don't understand?
Brennan: I understand how upset you must have felt not to be included at the ultrasound. While I wish I could undo what I've done to you, I can't.
Booth: That's okay. An apology is enough.
Brennan: Really? Because I have more.
Booth: Oh. I'll always take more. What do you have in mind?
Brennan: Well, the doctor made me a DVD of the ultrasound. While the resolution is not ideal, I feel certain that you will enjoy seeing this.
Booth: Of course I'm going to enjoy seeing it. [whispers] Oh, wow. [He stands up] Look, that's the heartbeat.
Brennan: [smiles] You're happy.
Booth: Of course I'm happy! Look at that! She kicked!
Brennan: [laughs] She has your prominent mental protuberance.
Booth: Is that a good thing?
Brennan: Yes. It's a very good thing.

Brennan: I'm not good playing with toys. What if I can't connect with our child?
Booth: Okay, you connect with me, right?
Brennan: You know I do.
Booth: Okay, our child is half of me, so at the very least, you can connect with the me half. Get it, right? Listen, you're gonna be a great mom.

Brennan: The mighty hut appears to be leaking.

Brennan: We have a house, Booth. You found our home. [smiles]
Booth: We have a home.

Brennan: What are these x-rays?
Wendell: The paint had hardened, so I x-rayed each glob to see if there was anything inside.
Hodgins: We didn't want to break it open in case it would destroy evidence.
Brennan: What about 6F3?
Hodgins: It looks like tree sap or resin.
Brennan: Enlarge the image, please.
Wendell: That's not sap.
Cam: It looks like chewing gum.
Hodgins: Okay, even if it is, the dye and the polyethylene, the paint would have destroyed the DNA.
Brennan: We don't need DNA, do we Mr. Bray?
Wendell: Of course not. I should have seen that. I'm sorry.
Cam: Excuse me, the boss here needs an explanation.
Brennan: Look at the image. There is a clear impression of the tooth in the gum. That's as clear as a fingerprint.
Hodgins: If I freeze the paintball I should be able to extract the gum without compromising the shape.
Brennan: I'll tell Booth.
Wendell: She's having that baby so the next generation will have someone to make them feel dumb.
Hodgins: Seriously.

Brennan: You shouldn't hit people. You should use your words! That's what all the books say.
Chad: Are you serious?
Booth: Well, you know, she's a new mom.

Cam: [spies Hodgins yawning] Is death getting dull to you, Dr. Hodgins?
Hodgins: Oh sorry, it's Michael. Apparently our baby believes that sleep is only for the weak.

Cam: [walks into Hodgins lab to see him holding his and Angela's son] What is this?
Hodgins: [surprised] Uh, it's a very small, bipedal primate from the Hominidae family.
Cam: You both know the rules.
Angela: Yeah, we do, but he doesn't. He missed his dad, so --
Cam: He's not allowed in the lab. I don't want to see him here again.
Angela: Your daughter visits.
Cam: She's eighteen! She's not going to spitup on the mass spectrometer. [Michael smiles at her] Tell him to stop looking at me like that. [Michael continues to smile] Would you tell him to stop?
Angela: He likes you.
Cam: Well, don't let the smile fool you. I'm still very upset. Sweet, baby boy.
Hodgins: That's my boy.

Cam: [watching Angela swiping a card over and over again] Um, is she trying to get on the platform with a buy ten get one free yogurt card?

Cam: I ran a tox screen on the ocular fluid and it came back negative, which eliminates poison as cause of death. Do you have anything?
Brennan: There's a fragment of the right ninth rib with striations that are consistent with a stab wound, but there's so little evidence it would be irresponsible of me to form a conclusion at this point.
Angela: Come on. Just this once.
Brennan: [wriggles under the pressure] No.
Cam: You can do it. Just say it's a stabbing.
Brennan: I can't.
Angela: We'll think you're cool if you do.
Brennan: Well I want to be cool, but I can't.
Angela: It's okay, honey. We still love you just the same.

Cam: The body fluids, along with the packing materials, transformed the tissue into an adipocerous gel.
Clark: I'm pretty sure my middle school served this for dessert.
Cam: Unless we can separate them, the packing material is going to contaminate any tests I run on the tissue.
Clark: And I need to separate these bones before there's anymore chemical damage to them.
Hodgins: I have got just what you need, Clark. This little puppy is a plycimer laser. Now, who wants to hear it bark?
Cam: Aren't those used for eye surgery?
Hodgins: There's gotta be an eye in here somewhere, right? Now, I've set it so that it'll zip through the goop and separate it from the cardboard.
Cam: Can't we just cut the box open?
Hodgins: But I already signed this out, and it's much cooler. Trust me.

Caroline: [at Pelant's parole hearing] This isn't a court of law. We don't need proof. That's why I like it.

Caroline: This set of orders was passed down through channels that even the Almighty Himself would need an atlas and a double-shot of bourbon to navigate!

Dr. Saroyan: (freaking-out on seeing a python emerge from the intestines of a dead woman during an examination) Somebody kill that thing!
Dr. Brennan: (wide-eyed,on her cellphone to Hodgins) You can come back to the lab. We discovered the warm place where the python was hiding. (Finn pulls the python from the corpse, and holds it up to his face.)
Finn Abernathy: (to Cam) Oh, I got to say, Ma'am, this is the best damn job, ever.

Hank: [reading a letter from his son - Booth's father] "I didn't write a letter to Seely because I knew he'd rip up anything I sent him - and he should. If you can find a way, let him know ... I love him. He and Jarod deserved a better father than me. A father ... a father as good as I had. Thank you for raising him to be the man I could never be."