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(The T. rex contraption hits a snafu in the first man-dinosaur contest.)
Hodgins: Yes! That is one for humanity and zero for the tyrant lizard!

Angela: Well, maybe you should talk to Sweets.
Cam: Sweets? Why would I do that?
Angela: He might be able to help you deal with Michelle.
Cam: I don't want to talk to a child about a child.

Angela: [in pain] Ouuuuhhh! [holds her belly, gasping for air] Oh-ouuuhhh!
Hodgins: [looking at Angela in pain] Oh god!
Angela: Oh, don't worry! It's nothing, it's nothing! Ouuuuhhh!![shouting in pain]
Hodgins: [goes to Angela] Okay, that is definitely something! OH MY GOD! [panicking] OH GOD! Okay! BABY! OH, OKAY! [looks at outside, shouting] BABY! Okay! Okay! [looks back at Angela, shouting and gesturing at Angela's belly] BABY!
Angela: [gasping in pain] According to the birthing class, that is SOO not how you're suppose to react right now!
Hodgins: Right! Right! [trying to calm down] Uh...I should..I should..
Angela: GET THE CAR!!
Hodgins: Go get the car!! Okay, I'm..[running out of the room, stops to tell Angela] I'm gonna get the car! [runs and stop again, returns back] KEYS! Oh, I need keys! Where're my keys..[feeling his pocket, looking around the ookey room] where the hell are my keys!? [Angela looks at Hodgins, frustrated and in pain] Don't look at me like that, babe! I know what I'm doing, okay!? I'm gonna...I'm gonna get the keys! I'm totally...[looking for his keys] and completely...calm..WHERE THE HELL ARE MY KEYS!?
Angela: Oh wow! Man are so not made for this!

Angela: [laughs upon seeing Hodgins rapidly pumping the handle to a dynamite igniter, then laughs harder when he accidentally breaks the handle] Wow. Maybe you should think of a way to get electricity that doesn't involve rare, historical items worth upwards of fifty thousand dollars.
Hodgins: Yeah, I'll just blame Wendell.
Angela: [smiles] Okay.

Angela: [referring to severely molded flesh] Ew and ew. What are you doing, babe?
Hodgins: I am going to shake them through these filters until they give me what I want.
Angela: You're getting that mad scientist look in your eyes.
Hodgins: I always wanted to be a mad scientist! I'm living the dream, baby! [kisses her cheek] Baby! [kisses her belly]
Angela: So what do you want our kid to be, anyway? I mean, if we could decide and make it happen without being those annoying parents that we hate.
Hodgins: Anything I want?
Angela: Anything.
Hodgins: A musician. Hard rock and 50s West Coast jazz. Who is also an astrophysicist specializing in extra terrestrial studies. Who also has a secondary degree, not necessarily a doctorate, in 20th century political theory and its relationship to corporatism. Ooh, who also does killer stand-up on the weekends. What about you? What do you want our baby to be?
Angela: [smiles] A mad scientist sounds good to me.

Angela: [walks in tiredly] Ugh...
Wendell: [sees Angela in her oversized outfit] Holy cow!
Angela: [sighs] I heard that.
Wendell: Oh! No, no, no, no! Heh! It was, um, it was an exclamation of admiration. [clears throat, Angela smiles sarcastically] I wasn't actually --
Hodgins: Stop now. Save yourself.
Wendell: -- commenting on your size.

Angela: Have I ever told you how wonderful your voice is? It's like hot tea and honey. Any child with a father who has a voice like yours is just --
Hodgins: Have I ever told you how good you smell, and how soft your skin is, and how every time you take my hand I feel your whole life vibrating with mine?

Angela: I mean, this is a computer chip. You can program it.
Brennan: Which suggests you can program the bullet.
Angela: Yeah, which means we're looking at something from the future.
Brennan: Time travel is physically impossible.
'Angela: Yeah, but so is a bullet that you can program like a computer. Like we didn't have it bad enough with the old kind.

Angela: I'm pretty sure any day the Guinness people are gonna come and measure me.
Hodgins: You look beautiful.
Angela: Yeah, for a water buffalo.

Angela: So this is why you broke into the cafeteria?
Wendell: Yep. I learned how to do this in grade school. I won my science fair.
Angela: Oh my God. You were that kid.
Wendell: Meaning what?
Angela: The showoff.
Wendell: And this is how you thank me.
Hodgins: This is spudtastic! Is this for the victim's cell phone?
Wendell: Yeah. I'm connecting groups of potatoes in series to increase voltage, then we can connect these potatoes together in parallel to increase amperage.
Hodgins: Spudsational! Totally spudtacular! Can I help?
Angela: If you stop making spud jokes.
Hodgins: Sorry. My sincerest potatologies.

Angela: So this one must be a tough one, huh?
Booth: What? The case?
Angela: Valentine's Day. I mean, so soon after your breakup with Hannah.
Booth: Not really.
Angela: Really not really?
Booth: Really. Can't we just focus on the case?
Angela: No twinges at all?
Booth: It's over, okay? Hannah and I are done. I've moved on.
Angela: Okay. So what are you gonna do?
Booth: Nothing! Valentine's Day is not a holiday. It's just made up by these greeting card companies and florists.
Angela: Well, then, maybe you should find somebody else who's doing nothing so that you two can do nothing together.

Angela: So what is the deal with Booth? Is it weird seeing him again?
Brennan: Not at all weird; very nice.
Angela: Are there any old surges, feelings? Anything like that?
Brennan: Booth fell in love in Afghanistan.
Angela: Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry.
Brennan: Why? Are you in love with Booth?
Angela: A little bit, but that's not what I mean. Don't tell me that you're happy about him finding someone else.
Brennan: I'm very pleased for him. A committed, romantic dyad is exactly the kind of relationship Booth seems to require to be happy.
Angela: Did you think about Booth at all while you were away?
Brennan: Yes, I did. A few times I actually dreamed about him.
Angela: Oh, well there you go! Dreams are very meaningful.
Brennan: I dreamed about the work we do. I dreamed about catching murderers and getting justice for people who were killed. What does that mean?
Angela: [facetiously] It means you're going to die loveless and alone.
Brennan: I don't follow your reasoning.

Angela: What is going on? I mean, is this about Vincent?
Brennan: Yes.
Angela: Yeah.
Brennan: And I got into bed with Booth last night. [looks at Angela's dumbfounded expression] Why aren't you saying anything?
Angela: Because I -- I don't wanna yell 'Hallelujah!' so close to losing Vincent!
Brennan: I think I did it because of Vincent.
Angela: Wait. Whoa. What exactly happened after you -- after you crawled into bed with Booth?
Brennan: [pause and thinks for a moment, then gives a happy smile]
Angela: [smiling in anticipation of Brennan's answer]
Hodgins: [walks in the room with speed, bringing information and interrupting before Brennan could say anything] I've got the GC mass spec result back on the bullet that killed Vincent.
Angela: Honey! No! Not right now! I'm sorry, I love you, but go tell Cam! Go! Away!
Hodgins: Uh -- [walks out of the room, stops in the doorway and tries to talk]
Angela: [raising her voice] AWAY!

Angela: You really had to volunteer us for this, huh?
Hodgins: Yeah! I thought coming out to the woods would be nice, you know? A little fresh air.
Angela: Honey, let me explain something to you: there's a human growing inside me. Vegging on the couch and eating pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream is actually all I want to do.
Hodgins: Recent studies show that mothers who gain excess weight during their pregnancy makes their babies more prone to childhood obesity.
Angela: Huh, that's interesting. I read a story that says that husbands who suggest their pregnant wives are fat are far more prone to being slugged by them.

Booth: Bones, what are you doing here?
Brennan: What are you doing?
Booth: I don't know; following you to a bad part of town and saving your life. You know, the usual. Your turn.