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Angela: (while Hodgins is giving her a massage) Oh, thank you God! Oh!
Hodgins: God is a little formal. Hodgins is fine.

Angela: [to Wendell regarding a melon with her face on it] Call that thing by my name one more time. I dare you.

Angela: Booth must be cute with his grandpa, huh?
Brennan: His grandfather calls him shrimp. Booth seems to like it, which I don't understand.
Angela: Well, it's because it makes him feel loved, like when he actually was a shrimp.
Brennan: So the moniker is a sign of affection?
Angela: Very good, Brennan. You never had a nickname?
Brennan: Oh, no, just what Booth calls me; just Bones.

Angela: Four years ago Jared's girlfriend was a hooker?
Brennan: An escort. I believe in the hierarchy of prostitution, an escort ranks equal to high class call girl.
Angela: And now she teaches grade school?
Brennan: Mm-hmm. I don't see any other injuries that could be cause of death. Apparently the rule is, once a sex worker always a sex worker.
Angela: You know, it really would have been better if Booth never ran her record.
Brennan: He said it was my influence. That it was the rational thing to do.
Angela: No, sweetie, he's rationalizing. Which makes what he did irrational, because he's rationalizing that Jared can't make rational decisions for himself. You do the same thing all the time. Maybe that's what he learned from you.

Angela: Hey! How could you not tell me you were on a date when I texted you?
Brennan: It was just drinks!
Angela: Celibate. Seeking crumbs. Spill.
Brennan: He's Booth's boss's boss. His name is Andrew.
Angela: Wait, this is his boss's boss? Was Booth upset?
Brennan: Yes. I don't know why.
Angela: Brennan, this could screw up the natural order of things, and Booth wishes that you were going out with him.
Brennan: I drink with him all the time, but with Andrew there is the potential for sex.
Angela: And not with Booth?

Angela: Listen, you're allowed to make life changes without, picking a fight with your old life.
Brennan: But I need a break from that life. I'm worried all the time. Worried that Booth might get hurt on a case and I couldn't prevent it, worried ... about what our, partnership means ...
Angela: So you want to get away from Booth?
Brennan: No, it's just (pauses) I just need some perspective so that I can view my life with some objectivity.

Angela: Okay, what I did was modify my mass recognition program -- patent pending -- to scan the photographic reconstruction of the crime scene, to find areas of comparatively less chaos.
Hodgins: Awesome.
Cam: (surprised) You understand what she's saying?
Hodgins: Not in the least, but I am so turned on by her brain. I'd like to see her brain totally naked.
Sweets: It's a terrible image. It's just terrible.
Season 6

Angela: [seeing Booth on a cart being pushed by Brennan only in his boxers] Uh, are we doing an experiments on Booth? Because if so, I'd like to help.
Booth: Make fun of the naked guy. Knock yourself out.

Arastoo: [Irritated without Jordanian accent] I am a scientist! Okay? Just like the rest of you. I can deal! So please just back off and let me do my job!
Cam: Wow.
Arastoo: [With Jordian accent] I apologize for my outburst.
Cam': Oh, you aren't even going to try to unring that bell are you?
Arastoo: [as he's leaving] I have to pray.

Avalon Harmonia: Dr. Brennan, how are you feeling?
Brennan: Well, they gave me medication, so I feel how I imagine people of average intelligence feel all the time. I came here to see if you ran away.
Avalon: No, I'm here looking for clues. Something I might have missed.
Brennan: In your cards? Because that is a waste of time.
Avalon: You say that after I sent Agent Booth to save your life.
Brennan: Well, you knew where the bodies were buried. You knew Dr. Leacock would attack me.
Avalon: [turns over a card] You were an abandoned child. [turns over another card] The world scares you, so you wrap it up neatly in bonds of reason, education and proof. All riddles are solvable to you, except for one.
Brennan: Yes, the riddle of how you knew where your sister was buried.
Avalon: No. The riddle you can't solve is how somebody could love you.
Brennan: [laughs dismissively] Well, I'm beautiful and very intelligent.
Avalon: The answer to the question you're afraid to say out loud is: yes, he knows the truth about you, and he is dazzled by that truth.

Booth: Bones, you're tearing up.
Brennan: This is the prom I never got to go to.

Booth: (upon seeing a naked ritual) Why is it that when these things happen, they always happen to the people you don't want to see naked?

Booth: Bones doesn't feel pressure to act or do or say anything that she doesn't want to, and no one, no one, can make her. That's what makes her Bones.

Booth: Do you own a gun, Mr. Ceraficki?
Ceraficki: Of course, I own a gun! This is a pawn shop! I never have to use it. I mean, I wave it around from time to time, but --
Brenna: Why is he allowed to carry a guy after being arrested on a concealed weapon charge?!
Ceraficki: Innocent mistake. I accidentally put it in my pocket, you know, when I left work.
Booth: Could I see the gun, please?
Ceraficki: She's right over here.
Booth: Real easy there, pal! I don't want any sudden movements. No mistakes. That's it.
Inagawa: That is very sexy! Big Andy with a gun, protecting Kathy!
Brennan: No, no. He is not Andy and I am not Kathy. [smiles] It's even more exciting when he shoots someone with it.
Booth: Bones.
Brennan: Well, it is, Booth, and it's very impressive! He never misses.
Inagawa: Andy sometimes misses!
Brennan: Yes! See?

Booth: Fishing is not a sport!
Brennan: What? Monuments to sporting events in ancient Egypt include fishing, as well as swimming and wrestling.
Booth: Come on! No sweat, no sport!
Brennan: Well -- oh! Boris Spassky at chess. He used to perspire profusely.
Booth: Why do you got to make things so complicated? Let me break it down for you, okay? Basketball, football, hockey: that's a sport. Board games, fishing: not a sport!
Cam: You'll probably go easy on the fried food after this one.
Brennan: Well, the International Olympic Committee is considering adding chess as a sport.
Cam: Not a sport.
Booth: See! Not a sport!
Cam: Neither is ribbon twirling, bridge or synchronized swimming.
Booth: Synchronized swimming, that's not a sport, that's for sure.
Cam: Oh, God. I'm in the middle of something, aren't I? Oh, look! Dead guy!
Booth: Yeah, look at that. The Colonel's not going to like this one.
Cam: Male, no sign of clothing, all other stats still unknown. He was found at the bottom of this grease receptical by those lovely gentleman over there.
Brennan: The remains are covered in flesh. Why am I here?
Cam: I don't know. I told Booth. Oh, God. In the middle again!