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Angela: Okay, I'm no coroner, but I'm saying the cause of death was a humongous explosion.
Cam: The coroner concurs.

Booth: You've got to be kidding me! Eight hundred bucks for a stroller?
Brennan: I have done extensive research, Booth. This is the best stroller on the market. Plus, the design is beautiful and it's cerise.
Booth: It has a name?
Brennan: It's a color. Cerise is a color.
Booth: Look, I only paid five hundred bucks for my first car.
Brennan: I can afford it.
Booth: No! We've been through this. All our expenses are split, right down the line.
Brennan: You're too sensitive. It's just money.
Booth: Rich people always say that. That's what they say. Mm-hmm.
Brennan: Didn't you say you would be getting a raise soon?
Booth: And until then Christine will be fine in a cheaper stroller that's in a color people have heard of like -- [looks over to see Brennan looking at him] -- don't do that. Not that look, please. Don't give me the sad eyes.
Brennan: Please?
Booth: No, come on. No! I'm not looking! I'm driving!
Brennan: Come on.
Booth: [to himself] Just keep driving. [looks over] You were never able to do this look before the baby. What did the baby do to you?