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'Angela: Look at this guy. He's cuter than a monkey with a puppy.
(Booth and Brennan at Wuang Fu's)

(Booth and Brennan are in a conference room in the FBI building, sitting across from each other. Booth is filling out a form.)
Booth: Name?
Brennan: You know my name.
Booth: Bones, you are making an official request to the FBI to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I have to follow protocol.
Brennan: It's ridiculous.
Booth: Fine. Then we're done here. Do you want to get some coffee?
Brennan: My name is Dr. Temperance Brennan.
Booth: Reason for wanting a gun?
Brennan: To shoot people.
Booth: Not a good response.
Brennan: It's the truth.
Booth: You know, I'm writing self defense in the performance of my duties pursuing suspected felons as contracted out to the FBI.
Brennan: So I can shoot them.
Booth: (gives her a look but continues undeterred) Have you ever been charged with a felony?
Brennan: Charged or convicted?
Booth: Charged.
Brennan: You know I have.
Booth: I have to ask the questions.
Brennan: Bureaucratic nonsense.
(Booth and Brennan are digging in the marsh for evidence)

(Booth is knocking at Dr. Wyatt's door)
Booth: Hi.
Wyatt: Did we have a schedule?
Booth': Listen, I really need to get back to work, so why don't you give me one of those clown restraining orders and just sign my paper?
Wyatt: Have you had an insight then as to why you shot at that clown?
Booth: (Booth's cell rings) Yeah. You know what? I've had some insight. It's right here. (pointing at the display of his phone) That's my Bones calling, my partner.

(The T. rex contraption hits a snafu in the first man-dinosaur contest.)
Hodgins: Yes! That is one for humanity and zero for the tyrant lizard!

Abby: I thought maybe she'd hooked up.
Brennan: Hooked up? Hooked... up? Oh... with, uh, anyone in particular?
Abby: We met so many guys. You know how it is.
Sully: I'm guessing she doesn't.

Agent Sugarman: Sorry Booth, I just couldn't have you blowing my cover.
Booth: Ahhhh...yeah, as they taught us in Quantico Walt, I wasn't about to.
Brennan: Do you know everyone in this town?

Aldridge: Why am I talking to you?
Brennan: What time did you leave the Jeffersonian that night?
Aldridge: Shortly after 11. Dr. Brennan, surely I merit someone higher up on the food chain than an FBI consultant.
Brennan: Kyle, I know you get everything you want by flaunting your superior intellect. But that won't work with me.
Aldridge: Why is that?
Brennan: Because I'm smarter than you are.

Amber: Here's what Mr. Barasa said, 100% verbatim, word for word.
Hodgins: "Verbatim" means word for word.
Amber: What?
Hodgins: You sort of said it twice.

Amy: Amy Morton.
Brennan: Temperance Brennan.
Amy: You work with Booth?
Brennan: Yes. I'm a forensic anthropologist.
Amy: I'm a defense lawyer; I tend to work against Booth.
Booth: If it's all the same, I'd rather you two didn't bond in any way.

Amy: So, you seeing each other?
Brennan: Who?
Amy: You and Booth.
Brennan: No. No, we're working together.
Amy: Cause, I'm picking up a bit of a sex vibe.
Brennan: No, that's tension. (a little frustrated) He has a girlfriend.
Amy: Tall, blonde, beautiful?
Brennan: (nods) Lawyer.
Amy: Figures. Should've jumped him when I had the chance.
Brennan: You're really interested in Booth?
Amy: You aren't?
Brennan: No.
Amy: Well then why are you helping him?
Brennan: Because he asked me, he said please.

Angela: My heart isn't yours to claim. It's mine to give away.

Angela: Well, maybe you should talk to Sweets.
Cam: Sweets? Why would I do that?
Angela: He might be able to help you deal with Michelle.
Cam: I don't want to talk to a child about a child.

Angela (to a giraffe during a hypnosis session) Dude, you're blocking my light!
Cam: Anything of value yet?
Brennan: We're cataloging injuries. I thought you would be with Booth.
Cam: Questioning people isn't really my thing. Most of the time I just want to beat them until they tell me what I want to hear.
Brennan: I know, it gets frustrating, and hitting can quite often be effective.
Clark: You both work with the Justice Department?
Brennan: Yes.
Clark: Ironic.
[in a chat during coffee break]

Angela: (to Hodgins) You! You're a genius scientist person, right? So get over here and put this thing together, or there will be BLOOD.

Angela: (to Zack) Just because you have a doctorate now doesn't mean I won't use you as a swizzle stick.