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Anne Cassidy: There is something...maybe I'm not very good at relationships, that's possible, and maybe I'm scared, that's certainly true. I don't know how to deal with this.
Jack: What do you want?
Anne: I don't know. [pauses] What do you want?
Jack: You. I want to be with you.
Anne: Even after today?
Jack: Today was just one of those bad work days, I think.
Anne: But you wanted me to trust you.
Jack: It would have been nice...but maybe next time.
Anne: Next time... Are you heading out?
Jack: Let me help you with that, it's pretty cold out.
Anne: Yeah.
Jack: You want me to wait back a bit so you can leave unobserved?
Anne: No. Let's go.
Jack: Let's go.

Claire: [Crying] How can I miss someone I wanted dead for so long?

Danny: Family history can be a bitch.

Danny: Looks like Ken got sloppy.
Jack: He got bored. That's the way most serial killers get caught.

Elena Delgado: All roads lead to... a P.O box.

Elena: Does it get any easier?
Jack: Unfortunately yes.

Elena: Okay, let me get this straight- Leah is a responsible, loving mother. How can she all of a sudden turn into a gun-toting affair-having crrrazy woman?
Vivian: [smiling] In my experience there can be a fine line between the two.

Gina Hill: [to her therapist] Hey, don't shrink the shrink.

Jack: D'you think you could use that warrior-like mind of yours to give us a description?

Jack: I'm torn between honouring the last wishes of a crazy old man and giving him a last flying finger.

Jack: Why do you always do this?
Anne Cassidy: Do what?
Jack: Make a simple question complicated.
Anne: I'm a lawyer- I guess it comes with the training.

Martin: I got a description of her clothes. Does it mean anything to you? Dress by Nicole Miller, shoes by Manolo Bl...Blah...Blahnik.
Elena: It's expensive in Italian. She's not poor, this girl.

Vivian: Don't shout at me Pamela. I don't like it.

Rachel: What is wrong with you?
Jack: We don't have enough time to discuss that subject. What is wrong with you?
Rachel: I'm an agoraphobic.
Jack: You live 15 miles from here. You've got to be the world's worst agoraphobic. Look...the only reason that you're laying here is because you don't know how to tell your...your girlfriend that you like her.
Rachel: I've never been a lesbian. I don't know what to do.
Jack: I've never been a lesbian either. Well, I had this dream once. That's a different story. But look, I can't help you, okay?

Samantha: Martin, do you have something you wanna tell me?
Martin: No.
Samantha: No?
Samantha: What are these? [picks up prescription bottle]
Martin: It's a prescription for my hip, okay?
Samantha:You got hurt over six months ago, you should be off these by now.
Martin: Yeah, but I also got hurt again and I've been in a lot of pain.
Samantha: Did you take these from her [Gina Hill's] house?
Martin: You know what, it's time for you to go.
Samantha: Did you take these from her house?
Martin: Look, just back off because this is none of your buisness.
Samantha: It is my business if you're stealing drugs from victim's homes!
Martin: Damn it, just stop!
Samantha: NO! This is a problem!
Martin: What do you want from me?
Samantha: I want you to let me help you.
Martin: I don't want your help. I don't need anybody's help, okay?
Samantha: Martin, just please, tell me how to help you.
Martin: I don't know Sam. I don't know.