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Andrea Wilson: [about the relatives of the murdered couple] I don't judge them any more. They're caught up in all this. Just like we are.

Deames: I can see you have more faith in the system than I do.
Sam: Guess so.

Graham Spaulding: You can't save them all, Jack.

Jack: I'm sorry if I ever hurt you.
Sam:[pauses] Me too.

Jack: Smells like a brewery in here.
Martin: Yeah, you noticed?
Danny: What, is he still drunk?
Martin: Nah, he's just fairly hung over.

Jack: Vivian, I like working with you. But don't you ever lie to me again.

Jack: Your state's about to execute someone. What's wrong with a little attention?

Lucas Vohland:[To Martin, regarding Samantha] Is this your girlfriend?
Samantha: I'm his partner.
Lucas Vohland: You're a lot better looking than his last one.

Martin: He's probably just protecting his kids.
Samantha: Yeah, remind me not to have any.
Martin: They don't all turn out to be psychopathic kidnappers, you know.
Samantha: Let me guess--2.2, white picket fence, golden retriever.
Martin: Yeah, maybe. Something like that.
Samantha: Not for me. Not in this world.

Martin: I'd like to say that you're smarter than you looked but then I'd be lying.

Martin: This guy's an ex-con.
Danny: What?
[Martin holds out a box for Danny.]
Martin: Prison art.
Danny: What, did you do a nickel at Pelican Bay? 'Cause if you did, I'm going to be a whole lot nicer to you.

Martin: Yeah. Well, I guess old feelings die hard.
Samantha: They don't die. They just fade, and then you feel bad that they faded...because you wonder...you wonder what they meant when you had them.
Martin: Well, I guess if they didn't fade, there...there wouldn't be room for new ones.
Samantha: No, I guess there wouldn't.

Sam: Do you think Ricky is innocent?
Deames: I don't think he got a fair trial
Sam: That's not what I asked you.
Deames: I know.

Sam: Hey Martin?
Martin: Yeah?
Sam: Wanna share a cab?
Martin:[gesturing in the opposite direction] I live uptown.
Sam: Yeah, I know.
Season 3

Sam: I've known some people who've done things, things I've seen them do, that make me believe they deserve to die.
Deames: Okay, let's say these people do exist. Do you really want to be responsible for deciding, out of all of these criminals, who lives and who dies? Trouble is, nobody asked you. Because in this state, it's the Law that decides. It's the police officers and the district attorneys and the judges and they're human. When they're biased or corrupt or just lazy mistakes are made and people will die. And some of those people will be innocent.
[both are silent]