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Jack: As you all know, we have a new member of the team joining us today--Martin Fitzgerald. Let's make sure we give him the frosty welcome that all rookies deserve.

Danny: Two years working white-collar in Seattle and he gets this assignment?
Samantha: Doesn't hurt to be Victor Fitzgerald's kid.
Danny: Mmm. No wonder he's smiling.
Samantha: Not a bad smile, either.

Jack: I was surprised that your father didn't call me about you.
Martin: I asked him to stay out of it. I don't want any preferential treatment.
Jack: Good, 'cause you're not getting any.

Martin: I think he's sleeping with her. The way he talks about her and she's climbing that corporate ladder pretty quick.
Jack: He may be in love with her, but he's not sleeping with her. Never even thought about it.
[Martin shoots a questioning look at Jack.]
Jack: He's gay.
Martin: What, because he called her a 'fireball'?
Jack: No, 'cause he was checking you out.

[The team is watching a surveillance video.]
Vivian: What time was that taken?
Danny: 2:32 A.M.
Vivian: Where's she going?
Danny: Maybe it's a booty call.
Samantha: Your mind is always in the gutter. There was no call.
Danny: Tom Wilkins, 11:48.
Martin: In my experience, there's usually not a three-hour lag between the call and the, uh...delivery.

Jack: Hey, Frankie. How you doing?
Frankie: Ah, bum knee, too much alimony...Other than that, I'm peachy.

Danny: This would have never happened at Shea.
Vivian: It's so sad how bitter Mets fans are.

Martin: So, you want me here?
Jack: Break major protocol on the first day, that's what happens.
[Jack leaves.]
Martin: How long does it take to get out of his dog house?
Danny: Depends on the dog.
[Danny leaves.]
Samantha: Don't mind Danny. He's just, uh, marking his territory.

Jack: Look, I've worked hundreds of these cases and certain patters develop. Now, I may not like the pattern, but I can't ignore them. You want to know what those patterns are? When a child goes missing, whoever claims to have seen them last is usually the one that took them; and if that person happens to be one of the parents, the incidence doubles. Now my gut says you're okay, but I don't know you. I'm trying to get to know you so that I can help you, but I can't help you unless you earn my trust.

[Martin has been fielding calls about the team's latest case, and marking locations on a map.]
Samantha: Lots of little red dots.
Martin: Phone's ringing every 15 seconds. Must be a lot of little brown-haired kids unaccounted for. Look, I know people are trying to be helpful but...for example, this lady? She keeps calling me. She's convinced that she saw Gabe on T.V. this morning ringing the bell to open the stock exchange.
Samantha: Trouble is, just when you think you've got every nutcase in America calling your number that's the exact moment you get a live one.
Martin: Well, one better come in soon, 'cause I'm running out of push-pins.

[Martin has just tackled a suspect, and they have both landed in a pond.]
Jack: Where did you learn that? White collar?
Martin: No, sixth grade swim class.

Samantha: Heard you got a little wet.
Martin: Beats sweating my ass off in the doghouse.

Martin: So I've got three composites on our suspect.
Samantha: White, maybe not white. Brown-haired or balding. Bearded man with a mustache.
Danny: You got to love eyewitnesses. Me, I'll take an old-fashioned grainy security video any day of the week.

Jack: Well, the wife goes missing, the husband's the last one to see her. We don't need to talk about those percentages, do we?
Vivian: I love the way your brain works. Always goes to the darkside.

Samantha: He's in love with her.
Jack: Probably.
Samantha: Think Duncan knows?
Jack: Probably.
Samantha: Maybe a safe place for her to land. He's familiar. He's got just as much to lose as she does.
Jack: I don't know. She lost a child. If she was looking for an escape, she probably picked somebody that was completely separate from her real life.
Samantha: Is that from your infidelity handbook?
Jack: Chapter three.
Samantha: Well, I hate to contradict the book, but if you're wrong, it leaves Duncan plenty of motive.