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Alexander Olczyk: What is it with you people? If Malone told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?
Sam: Probably, sir.

Danny: One minute I wanted to be a lawyer, the next minute I needed one.

Danny: So you and Marty seem...well, you seem something.
Samantha: Yeah, we are.
Danny: That's good. It is good Sam. Why are you hiding it?

Danny: This girl takes Fit and Thin.
Samantha: So?
Danny: Well, Fit and Thin equals high maintenance. It usually comes with a cat, a fat best friend and a daddy complex.
Samantha: Your compassion is overwhelming.

Danny: You know, Martin. I see you and Sam in a place just like this one.
Danny: I do. Barbequing out back with the kids, Uncle Danny coming over to shoot some hoops.
Martin: I've seen your hook shot, you better start working on it now.
Danny: I'm unstoppable and you know it.

Duncan: You're like the real Mulder and Scully, right? I mean, that's it, isn't it?
Martin: Yeah, that's us.
Duncan: Yes!

Jack: It's no different than the chances of you getting hit by a bus when you walk out of this building.
Maria's Lawyer: So you're not concerned.
Jack: That you could get hit by a bus, not really.

Jack: Man, you look wired.
Danny: Wired? Wired is better than tired!

Martin: [to Sam] So Scully, you done yet?
Samantha: I've still got about another half hour here.
Martin: Oookay. [smiles]
Samantha: You know, I still haven't seen your apartment.
Martin: No, you haven't. [both nod]
Samantha: Hmmm, so i'll come by later.
Martin: Good idea.

Martin: My guess is that Teddy thinks it's an alien implant.
Samantha: An implant?
Martin: Yeah, it's a common fear among abductees that aliens implant them with a device of some kind in order to track their whereabouts.
Samantha: What, so they can re-abduct them?
Martin: Or read their minds. Control them remotely. There's a bunch of different theories. Look if Teddy fears that he has an implant, the run-in with the so-called men in black could only make things worse.
Jack: You seem to have quite extensive knowledge on the subject.
Martin: I might have done some reading.

Martin: This case is really getting to you.
Samantha: Yeah.
Martin: Is it the kid?
Samantha: It's all of it.

Martin: This girl is so desperate to be loved. Before American Goddess she was invisible. Now she's a celebrity.
Vivian: Yeah, for fifteen minutes.
Martin: That's true but the point is, guys are probably hitting on her all the time now. She's got zero experience. Some scumbag buys her a drink, she's going to think she's hit the lotto.
Vivian: So we're looking for a scumbag in New York City.

Martin: You know we could make a sex tape, post it online here, and you wouldn't have to tell anybody about us.
Samantha: That's cute.
Martin: Think about it.

Martin: You okay?
Samantha: I'm tired, but that's the good thing about not having a TV or a cell phone. Nothing to stop me from going to bed early.
Martin: Yeah, I've been getting a lot of sleep too.

Samantha: I am a woman whose slept with two men on the same team. If people find that out...
Martin: Oh, is that all we're doing? Just sleeping together?