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Barry: [Quietly] I got nothing to lose, Jack. You want to keep talking? Right?
[Barry puts his gun to Jack's forehead]

Barry: How about that? You feeling something now?

Danny: [to a suspect] That's 100 points for lying to a federal officer.
Samantha: Don't stop now, you almost have enough for the dinette set.

Danny: A plane is not supposed to be in the sky. It's not natural.
Martin: Neither was that flight attendant and you weren't afraid of her.

Danny: Good luck, man.
Martin: Thanks.
Danny: Martin...
[Martin turns around.]
Danny: When this is all over, and you and I are looking for our next gig, I just want you to know that I--I think we make a hell of a team.
Martin: What, selling shoes?
Danny: Shoes, boots, pumps, whatever.
Martin: Sounds good to me.

Danny: How did he find out that I roughed up Radio, huh?
Martin: I didn't say a word about that.
Danny: Right.
Martin: Oh, come on, Danny, you only bragged to half the office about it. How the hell do you think he heard?

Danny: I can understand why you want to be alone. It's nice here. Clare, I understand why you feel the way you do. I lost both my parents when I was eleven. We were driving somewhere and they were fighting. My dad was yelling at my mom. He used to like to yell at my mom. I wanted him to stop, so I said something. Then he turned around, and he yelled at me. That's when the car started to swerve. I never told anybody that. Ever. And I know what it's like to keep a secret. I didn't mean to do anything wrong that day. I was just a kid...

Danny: I gotta tell you, I don't understand why anyone would come all the way out here just to get in shape. I got 19 gyms a block away from my apartment...
Samantha: You also have three Gentleman's Clubs within walking distance.
Danny: Yes. I like a little variety in my workout.

Danny: Morning, hot stuff.
Samantha: Good morning to you. Late night last night?
Danny: A man's got to do.
Samantha: Yeah? Who's the lucky?
Danny: I don't kiss and tell, you know that.

Danny: Somewhere far, far away, Martha Stewart weeps. Looks like our boy Patrick went to the mattresses.
[They knock on a door. A woman answers]
Danny: Hi. Sorry to bother you. We're with the FBI.
Martin: [holding up a photo] Have you seen this man before?
Amalia Kent: Yes. This is my husband.

Danny: This would have never happened at Shea.
Vivian: It's so sad how bitter Mets fans are.

Danny: Two years working white-collar in Seattle and he gets this assignment?
Samantha: Doesn't hurt to be Victor Fitzgerald's kid.
Danny: Mmm. No wonder he's smiling.
Samantha: Not a bad smile, either.

Graham Spaulding: Agent Malone, do I get my fifteen minutes now?
Jack: Your fifteen minutes are over.
[Jack throws up after he walks away from Spalding]

Jack: As you all know, we have a new member of the team joining us today--Martin Fitzgerald. Let's make sure we give him the frosty welcome that all rookies deserve.

Jack: Five A.M.--Danny's up early.
Samantha: That's assuming he went to bed.