Magnum, P.I. quotes

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T.C.: [Pulls Magnum out of trouble and a bullet cracks the windshield] Some things never change.

T.C.: Whoa! What's with this Abbott and Costello routine, 'You owe me 50, I'll loan you 10'? Forget it!
Magnum: Oh, okay! Thanks, I owe you one! [speeds off in the Ferrari]

[A kid drops off Higgins' resignation and the car]
Magnum: Did he tip you?
Kid: $20.
Rick: That's not Higgins, Thomas.

[Alice asks Thomas about his days serving in the Navy]
Alice Cook: Why did you quit, Tom?
Magnum: It was nothing earth-shattering. One day I woke up age 33, and realized I'd never been 23.

[Higgins is being nice to Magnum because he wants him to play bridge with him]
Higgins: Put Magnum's bill on my tab. [bartender looks very surprised, hands up in the air in defense]
Bartender: I always do.
[Higgins is trying not to get angry at Magnum]
Higgins: Tomorrow at three?
Magnum: I'll try.