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DCI Gene Hunt: A villain farts in this city, our snouts should be able to name the arse responsible.

DCI Gene Hunt: I once punched a bloke for speaking French.

Don Witham: Leave no stone unturned, Mr Hunt.

DS Ray Carling [To DC Chris Skelton] Take my advice, get a pint of Pernod'n'Black down her then do what you like.

Frank Morgan: You have amnesia, Sam.
Sam Tyler: I'm in a coma, Frank.

Gene Hunt: [to Sam] Y'know, If I was as worried as you, I'd never fart for fear of shitting myself

Gene Hunt: [to Sam] You always do this to me - I run in certain and walk out confused!

Gene Hunt: Chief culprit is Ted Bannister. I want him in custody by teatime.
Sam Tyler: What, because he spoke first?
Gene Hunt: 'Cos he's guilty as sin, and he's a Commie bastard.
Sam Tyler: Sorry, that's bollocks. Total rubbish.
Gene Hunt: You're just itching to get your blood-spillage book out, aren't ya!
Sam Tyler: You're making him prime suspect based on what, a hunch?

Gene Hunt: Chris, round up everyone you can get your hands on. Ray, wake up and get a van. Cartwright, stick some lipstick on. There's a blag on at Raxton Street Post Office in an hour. I want the lot of you in there and undercover! We're gonna catch these bastards with their fingers in the till!

Gene Hunt: Drop your weapons! You are surrounded by armed bastards!

Gene Hunt: Is my name 'Coco'?
Sam Tyler: What?
Gene Hunt: Why are you trying to make me look like a clown? Litton's gonna have a field day when he finds out you left four untraceable shooters out there.
Sam Tyler: This isn't about Litton. And don't blame me for this. You dumped it on me!
Gene Hunt: I thought you said you could multi... story... task... Whatever!

Gene Hunt: Listen, you're not the one who's going to have to knit himself a new arse after 25 years of aggressive male affection in prison showers, I'm coming with you!.
[Sam startles Gene by waking screaming from a nightmare]

Gene Hunt: Say goodnight, Gracie, and sit down. I said sit down!
Ted Bannister: Look. You've gotta open the mill. We can't afford to lose this order.
Gene Hunt: The mill stays shut until our inquiry is over.
Ted Bannister: [shouting] For god's sakes!
Gene Hunt: [shouting] SIT DOWN, OR I'LL SIT YOU DOWN! NOW!

Gene Hunt: We need to nail this fast.
Sam Tyler: So, we preserve the scene. We dust for prints
Gene: [Interrupting] You've seen it out there, Sam. People are scared. Pull in someone from the "we don't like you" list. We put their prints on the hammer, charge 'em, whip it past the beak. There's loads of scum out there deserve another spell inside. It'll buy us more time.
Sam Tyler: Look Guv, you wanna wear the Sheriff's badge? Well it comes with responsibilities; thorough, and by-the-book!
Gene Hunt: Cobblers! The public don't care what we do, just that we get the job done!
Chris Skelton: Too right, you don't want a mirror at the dentist do you?

Gene Hunt: What's your problem,Tyler?
Sam Tyler: My problem!?! My problem...would!