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(As Summer and Taylor discuss a flare gun)
Summer: It is stupid, and dangerous, and (crash) ... oh my God. Go 187 on that zombie's ass.

(While Ryan drags a drunk Taylor to her bedroom)
Taylor: I don't understand how you're not drunk?
Ryan: Oh, it's the Atwood genes, we're built to withstand massive quantities of alcohol.

Alex: Marissa's not... happy.
Julie: Marissa and happy parted ways about her 16th birthday but have you met her new friends sullen and vindictive?
Alex: No, the only ones she's brought over to the house are scared and overwhelmed."

Alex: Sorry, I would have introduced you guys, but I didn't want you to meet.

Alex: That's sweet. It's pathetic but sweet.
Seth: Yeah, that's my niche. Pathetic and sweet.

Alex: You're out of your mind.
Seth: Maybe I am, Alex. Maybe I'm like, so far out of my mind that I'm in yours.

Anna: Could you be any more pathetic? A lone figure sitting on the floor, wondering if he's gonna be lonely for the rest of his life.
Seth: Hey, your sensitivity -- it's really, uh, nonexistent.
Anna: You know what your problem is? You're not a man.
Seth: Again, not appreciating the brutal honesty.

Anna: Oh, so insulting him counts as conversation?
Seth: Oh, well. If it doesn't, we've never spoken.

Anna: Wait. Are you the kid from Chino who steals cars and sets people's houses on fire? So you're saying I'm making my debut into society with Newport's most wanted?
Ryan: Is that gonna be a problem?
Anna: I can't wait.

Bobby: She's a great lady, huh? Your mom. What a pistol.
Sandy: I always thought of her as more of an AK-47.

Bullet: [watching his golf ball soar through the air] Well, look at that. Shiite Muslim.

Caleb: Believe it or not, I've got a past too. Not involving monster trucks per se.

Caleb: Look, I know when I'm not wanted.
Sandy: And yet you're always at our house!

Caleb: Seth! Ah... You're still not a football player.
Seth: Ha, no, but thank you.

Caleb: You have a quick wit, Seth. Amazing you're not better at skirt-chasing.
Seth: If by "skirts" you mean girls in your outdated cowboy-speak, I have a little news for you. Turns out somebody has a date to your party. And it's not a big deal or anything, but if you must know, Summer asked me.
Sandy: Summer. Wow. Summer's hot.
Seth: You did not just say that.