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Andrea Fermi: If you think that a woman doesn't know when she's being raped, then I hope you never find out how wrong you are.

Ben Stone: [to a mentally ill witness] Your psychiatrist tells us that you have moments of rational thought. We're going to take care of you, and you're going to go back in there and have one of those moments.

Cerreta: These guys sound like Boy Scouts.
Logan: Or shadow lives. Somebody paid good money to have them killed- you peer long enough, something emerges from the shadows.

Christian 'Lemonhead' Tatum: I want that reward.
Phil Cerreta: I thought Polesky was your friend.
Christian 'Lemonhead' Tatum: I'm flexible.
Mike Logan: Crazy, not stupid.

Cragen: What is less than square one?

Cragen:The entire city is enraged at the deaths of people who, normally, they wouldn't have time of day for.

DA Adam Schiff: Why would a man in the position to help his people do something like that? What the hell happened to 'give me your huddled masses?' What the hell happened to this city?

Daniel Magadan: You know how to read a rap sheet, don't you? Five arrests, three convictions.
Paul Robinette: So you're a loser, so...?

Don Cragen: ...maybe threaten his old lady.' Too bad he didn't take that route, Marie would have kicked his ass.

Dr. Elizabeth Olivet: He's psychotic; he's not psychopathic.
Phil Cerreta: What's the difference?
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet: Psychotic is when you believe the doorman was sent from Planet X to put mind control devices in your teeth. Psychopathic is when you blow the doorman away and take out 20 other people while you're at it.

Dr. Olivet: Girls are constantly bombarded with images of who they should be to attract boys; movies...magazines...television...Madonna...

Dr. Olivet: There's nothing as powerful as the unspoken.

Frank Kemp: What are you putting in your coffee, Stone? 'Cuz you're high if you think-
Stone: I think this offer is good for another thirty seconds.

Logan: Law Degree. A license to lie.

Logan: Max is dead. I accept it. But I'll never accept it, you know?