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'Simonize' Jackson: You ain't got nothing on me, except what he said. And that's just heresy.
Greevey: The word's 'hearsay', Simonize.

Ben Stone: Do you know what this is?
Convict: It's a gun.
Stone: [sarcastically] Very good, can you spell gun?
Convict: Sure. D-E-A-L.
Stone: I see you've passed the spelling test.

Ben Stone: :[talking to the DA about the Lowenstein's twisted family life] I feel like I'm floating face down, and there's about a mile of dark water between me and any sense of this.

Ben Stone:One way or another, that woman hit her child. That's not what bothers me.
Adam Schiff:What does bothers you?
Ben own rage

Cassie: You know, when I was a little girl, mama used to tell me that you do good? You'll be okay. [pauses] I guess kids got to believe that. 'Else they'd never grow up.

Cookie Molina: Look, the heart -- that's not the part of the anatomy the girls are interested in.

Cragen: Grand theft kidney. Terrific.

Cragen: If you're wrong, and you go after cops...
Greevey: If I'm wrong, I'll go to the grand jury and say I killed the kid.

Cragen: Nobody has a 'verbal altercation' anymore, you notice that?

Cragen: This is freakin' amazing. I don't know a computer disk from a slipped disk.

Cragen: This is New York, remember? Sometimes people get beat up just for the hell of it. Sometimes they even get dead, it's a fact of life.

Cragen: Wow! I can see this leading to a whole new penological outlook -- we will only pursue homicides where the vic died in a state of grace.

D.A. Adam Schiff: A prosecution based on debt re-financing. That's going to get you real far with the jury.
Stone: I'll lay it out for them. I'll draw them a Monopoly board.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Yeah, I'd like to see them get from 'Park Place' to 'Go.'

D.A. Adam Schiff: Amazing. Getting angry. The most emotional issue that the law has dealt with since suffrage. Look at us: three men. Talking about what rights women should have over their own bodies. Now doesn't that strike you as a little one-sided?

D.A. Adam Schiff: I don't photograph well with egg on my face, how about you?