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Briscoe: Right around the corner from here is the first place I ever saw Mose Allison.
Logan: Who?
Briscoe: I keep forgetting when you were born.

Cerreta: You save your high school prizes?
Logan: Yeah. First prize. Multiple dress code violations.

Cerretta: I don't think we're gonna trace it. We're still working on gun control. Pipe control's a way off.

Cotton Queen: Sure, he asked me to do it. $2500 a week on my back instead of $500 on my feet.
Logan: Well, it must have been tempting.
Cotton Queen: Maybe to you. But, honey, I don't think you'd survive. In my experience, cops just can't perform that often.
Cerreta: So you never turned a trick, huh?
Cotton Queen: Most beauty contests, some cracker judge would put his hands on my ass and offer me more money than I had ever seen to be his "date". I didn't do it then, I don't do it now.

Cragen: She's a hooker, Paul. She slept with her pimp, she got very angry, and she stabbed him. Call Eyewitness News, we've never seen anything like this in New York City before.

Cragen: So where does that get us? A lover's quarrel?
Logan: After sex? Most people, you fight, and then have sex.
Cerreta: [To Cragen] He's not married.

Logan: Hey, Phil. You know that warrant you told that health club guy you'd get? Exactly what probable cause did you have in mind?
Cerreta: A senile judge.

Shambala Green: [To Stone] Murder two? You couldn't convict her of bad manners.

Stone: Okay, so it's not a walk in the park.
Schiff: Yes, it is. You're going to get mugged.

Stone: If we had perfect cases, we wouldn't need juries.

Briscoe and Logan are arresting a suspect who's on the phone.
Briscoe: [Takes the phone] He'll call you back in 25 years.

Stone is cross examining a Navy Captain accused of murdering a female Lieutenant.
Stone: What about the prostitute eyewitnesses saw you with, Miss Tammy White? They reported that you got very angry towards her-
Captain: That bitch deserved it!
[A brief silence]
Stone: Which bitch is it, Sir? Lieutenant Hagen or Tammy White?

Stone is delivering his closing statement in the trial of cops who were accused of allowing a gay cop die instead of helping him because they hated gay people.:
Stone: So, let's suppose that it's true what Defense Attorney Schell implies that each of you, all of you, sympathize with the defendants, trapped as they are in their fears; that, in fact, more people hate homosexuals than are willing to admit, then I venture to say that somewhere in your family history, someone somewhere hates you or your relatives for no other reason than that they are black or white, Slovak instead of Czech, Protestant instead of Catholic, left-wing not right. And are you going to let officers of the law determine which of you they will help based on who and what you are? If so, then don't dial 9-1-1, even if you think you're one of them because you may end up being Officer Newhouse. These defendants let a man die and, for all of us, you must hold them responsible.
Season 4

[In an undercover job, Cerreta has been shot by a gun dealer]
Cerreta: Thirty years...I never even...fired...

[Logan, frustrated with Briscoe, asks Cragen when Cerreta will be back]
Cragen: I mean, I'm thinking back to when Phil came on. It's not always love at first sight with you.
Logan: Look, I can handle it. I just wanna know how long?
Cragen: I wanna know how long is my mother-in-law gonna live with us. I don't know, but I'm learning to enjoy her pot roast.